Progressive Roulette Tournaments

Progressive roulette tournaments may sound like a bit of a misnomer – there's a good reason for that.

Progressive roulette tournaments

When people talk about progressive roulette tournaments they are not really talking about a tournament per se, but rather a regular progressive game, but if people aren't familiar with the set up of such things, they may consider it to be a tournament, and with good reason.

Why aren't progressive roulette tournaments, tournaments?

A tournament is something that is entered into with a one off payment and played until a very definite end point unless you are eliminated before hand. What people largely consider to be progressive roulette tournaments however don't work like this, they don't just have one entrance fee, and the payout structure is a little more complicated than in a straight tournament. There are regular online roulette tournaments according to the criteria for what makes a tournament, but as of yet none of these are progressive

Why do people get confused about progressive roulette tournaments?

The thing with progressive roulette games is that they play in a way that is confusing to many people. When you play progressive roulette you are essentially playing two games at once. You lay your regular bet, as you would in a non progressive game but you also pay a compulsory side bet which goes into the progressive jackpot. When the wheel is spun you are therefore looking out for two results; the immediate result of the spin and the progressive result. The progressive result depends on the number of times a number consecutively appears, and there are 5 steps to winning the jackpot each giving an increasing reward. The progressive jackpot is large, and increases rapidly, usually by around $1,000 per hour. This is the main reason why people talk about progressive roulette tournaments. They understand the progressive payout to be like a tournament payout, where as in fact it's not any different from the progressive set up you would find in other progressive games. The prize of the progressive payout is of tournament size, plus it is paid out to a very limited number of players. In addition to this, people don't really notice that their paying into it because the side bet is taken automatically when the main bet is made; hence the confusion.

Where can I play "progressive roulette tournaments"?

Progressive roulette is currently only widely available through Micrograming casino websites. Microgaming's Roulette Royale is one of the latest in a long chain of progressive games created by the software provider. To date there are no known plans to add other progressive roulette games or indeed progressive roulette tournaments to their portfolio, but as they are constantly developing new projects it is possible that some advancement may appear.

In conclusion, the confusion between progressive roulette and progressive roulette tournaments is an indication of the fast growing changes that are occurring in the online gaming world. There are new ideas, games and indeed concepts appearing every month, and whilst keeping up with them is endless fun, it isn't always the easiest thing to do.