Roulette Systems - Understanding the Various Roulette Systems

There are some roulette systems that are able to help the player beat the notorious house edge.

Roulette is an interesting game, which few players have been able to beat consistently because the notorious house edge is very tricky to overcome. There is various roulette systems available to help you do just that: beat the house.

There are some roulette systems that claim to help you win 99.8% of the time but I would recommend you to rather not spend money on them. There is enough roulette players around that will give you roulette systems tips free of charge. If roulette systems worked, it would mean you could win 998 out of every thousand games you played.

There are many roulette systems available, but let us look at one example I found on the Internet. You first have to realize what you will be betting on. The system bets only on the 'Dozens' (Low, Medium, High).

  • A "Low" dozen is the first dozen and you win if any number from 1-12 comes in.
  • A "Middle" dozen is the second dozen and you win if any number from 13-24 comes in.
  • A "High" dozen is the third dozen and you win if any number from 25-36 comes in.

This system is quite simple and uses progressive bets to make sure the dozen you place your bet on wins with a 99.8% winning chance. This system claims to guarantee you to win between one and three dollars for each winning number, no matter of how many losing ones you’ve had. This translates to about $70 / hour that you can earn.

When you begin to play, do NOT place any bets. This is crucial, as patience is key. Keep spinning the wheel and jotting down which Dozen sections drop in on your table. What you are looking out for is a consecutive run where 1 of the Dozens hasn’t come in for exactly five spins. You will see why in a sec.

For example if the 'Low' number dozen has not dropped in for 5 consecutive spins, it’s time to start betting on the low dozen. You now place bet number one for $1 on the 'Low' section of the board. Spin the wheel. If one of the low numbers drops in, you win and have to start over. If not, don’t worry, just place bet number 2 for $2 on 'Low'. Again, if you win, well done, you made up for your previous loss, now start over. If you didn’t win, place bet number 3 for $3 on 'Low' and so on. Continue to place bets until you win, then start all over again with finding another Dozen that qualifies.

The simplest way to use this roulette system is to play at an Internet Casino since you can record each spin, without being watched, from the comfort of your own home. If you want to improve your gains, simply install the free online casino software, and deposit the cash you will need for the system to works its magic.