Online European Roulette - Different from American Roulette

Online European roulette can be found in virtually every online casino; what makes different from its American sister is explained.

Online European Roulette

Historically Europe and America have stood as opposites; as representatives of different values, different mentalities, and different approaches. It's always interesting therefore to see how the American and the European variations of the same thing vary. Online European roulette as opposed to the American counterpart is as interesting a comparison between the two as any thing.

How does online European Roulette differ from the American version?

When you first look at a roulette table in a casino site it isn't necessarily easy to see if you are looking at an online European roulette table or not. In some online European roulette tables you will find French writing rather than English, and in some you will notice that the lay out of the betting sections is slightly different to an American table – however neither of these occur in all online European roulette tables and so shouldn't be considered as a good or reliable means of determining an online European roulette from an American roulette table. There are however 2 factors which will help you to differentiate an online European roulette table from other types of roulette. The first of these indicators is that on an online European roulette table you will find a 0 pocket, but no 00 pocket; on the online European roulette wheel there is one less space than on the American one. Secondly, virtually all online European roulette tables operate with the en prison rule. This rule allows you to leave your bet for the next spin, or to cash it in for half its value, if the ball lands on the 0, rather than in tables that don't operate this rule where you simply loose that bet.

How did they come to be different?

If we're talking about the differences between America and Europe then roulette is the perfect example of these differences – in America, the land of opportunities, the streets are paved with gold. When roulette came over with the immigrants and found its way around the country as the frontier moved, the traditional European roulette game wasn't lucrative enough for the American gaming room bosses, so in order to increase the house advantage they added the extra double zero and did away with the en prison rule. these changes have survived through the centuries, and now the online European roulette game remains true to the original game that came over on the boats.

What does that mean in practical terms?

In actual practical terms this means a much higher house advantage for the American roulette tables than it does for the European one. Therefore, in short, online European roulette provides better odds for the players, and now you know why, and how to tell the difference, you should feel free and comfortable to go and take advantage of the superior odds offered by the online European roulette game.