Paul Wasicka - Over $ 7.5 Million in Poker Wins

Paul Wasicka has sure made his millions from poker tournaments, but still his family and friends remain his number one priority.

Paul Wasicka’s Winning Poker Background

Paul Wasicka is a mega poker player and has won millions using his talent in this game. He only started playing poker however, a mere 6 years ago. But he has certainly wasted no time since then. Out of all the poker games, Paul has a preference for 10/20 Short Handed No Limit, but he has won many tournaments in other poker variations such as No Limit Hold’em. Wasicka’s main big poker tournament wins include: first place in the 2007 NBC National Heads-Up Poker; in the same year he made the Final Table at the World Poker Tour (WPT) No Limit Hold’Em; in the Aussie Millions Main Event he came extremely close to making the final table by coming in 12th place, making over $95,000. He came in at second place in the 2006 World Series of Poker (WSOP) where he still netted $6 million! He also cashed in at 3 other WPT events. His poker nickname is “Kwick Fish” and in 2006 he came in number 7 for the Player of the Year in Bluff Magazine.

A Bit About Paul’s Pre-Poker Background

Paul Wasicka was born in Dallas, Texas in 1981. Before he started playing poker, he had a job as a bartender and restaurant manager. Today he lives in Westminster, Colorado and is single. Despite being single, family and friends are crucial to him and he loves them tremendously. He was once quoted to have said “I have the best friends and family anyone could ask for.” While he loves poker right now, he doesn’t expect it will be his addiction forever since he says he’s passionate about whatever he does and it just happens to be poker at the moment. He got in to poker after he found himself at an underground poker tournament in Denver Colorado. That was the beginning for him and he hasn’t looked back since.

What Wasicka Does When He’s Not Playing Poker

Paul Wasicka – while he is indeed a mega poker player with an awesome poker profile – does have a life beside the hobby that has to date, netted him millions. In his spare time he enjoys bowling, skiing, watching movies and listening to music. His favorite film is Boondock Saints and he enjoys a wide variety of music from classical to electronica. He loves going to the mountains and couldn’t care less about celebrities! He’s got a good heart and wishes people were nicer to each other; would stop being so arrogant and pretentious and live life being down to earth. And, while they’re doing that, that is the way they should be playing poker too. A life lesson, is a poker lesson. Well, it sure has worked for Paul Wasicka.