Jamie Gold - 12 Million Dollar+ Winner

Jamie Gold is more than just a multi-million dollar poker tournament winner. He is also a successful TV producer who started off as your boy next door.

Gold’s Non-Poker Stats

As well as being a top poker player, Gold had other interests. Educationally, he studied Law at UCLA and got a Bachelors degree from the University of New York. Career wise, he gave a jump start to various film and TV stars after his internship at the J. Michael Bloom & Associates Talent Agency, at the young age of 16. By 21 he was the youngest franchised agent there was and by 1994 he co-founded an agency. Two years later he was ready to start his own firm – JMG Management. He has used this though for his poker interests, featuring WSOP Main Event Champion Chris Moneymaker as well as Johnny Chan, who won the WSOP bracelet a staggering 10 times.

But there is so much more to Gold than just his poker giant status. That is why so many individuals relate to him. That, and the fact that he started from nothing and wasn’t born with a silver spoon in his mouth.

Early Beginnings of Poker for Jamie

Jamie Gold got in to the game simply from what he saw at home. He was raised by his mother (a keen poker player) and grandfather (a gin rummy champion).

World Series of Poker

It was 2006 when Jamie entered the WSOP Main Event as a member of the Bodog.com celebrity team. He comprised part of a real celebrity team with actors Dean Cain and Mekhi Phifer. But celebrity or no celebrity alike, it was Jamie Gold who surpassed them all, getting to the final table. He just kept on getting better and increasing his chips, and he did it all with such a natural flair. He even managed to beat Allen Cunningham, himself a world renowned poker champion, thus earning himself the world championship award.

Fame for Gold After WSOP

But clearly his win at the WSOP in 06 was just the beginning for Gold. Bodog.com (his sponsor) signed a two year production contract with him. This was fabulous for the TV producer since the deal included a $1 million television production contract too. But not forgetting his poker, Gold was also able to host his own table at Bodog.com. Unfortunately, like many casino wins which come and go, the deal was over in January 2007.

The Politics of Poker

Just like things speedily went from good to better, almost immediately they thereafter went from bad to worse for poker championship Jamie Gold. Crispin Leyser – another poker giant – took Jamie to court, claiming he was owed half of his wins. The monies had to be frozen until the court made its decision. His reputation took a real hit which may have even affected his game as he struggled to get a good position at WSOP tournaments following that. Thankfully the lawsuit was settled and today Gold remains a well-known poker player in the circles that count.