Chris Moneymaker - WSOP 2003 Champ

Moneymaker by name, moneymaker by nature, Chris Moneymaker has won the elusive gold bracelet along with prize moneys of over $2m in each poker game.

How Chris Began Making Money With Poker

Chris began winning poker for big bucks in 2003. It was that year that he went in for a $39 satellite on PokerStars which he won, which entitled him to a seat in a larger satellite that had a WSOP Main Event package as its prize. With that in hand, Chris was on his way to Vegas to play in his first live tournament. He made it to the final table, getting the gold bracelet as well as prize money of $2,500,000. No matter what Chris Moneymaker wins in the future, or how well he does, the way he played poker at that tournament will go down in history books and looked on in the future by all those interested in poker. It was phenomenal and something he can always be proud of.

Chris Inspiring the Throngs

Chris Moneymaker has been an inspiration for throngs of poker players. This is what makes him such an interesting poker player profile. He started off with nothing and was a real amateur in the beginning. But he had the talent. And that was all that counted. Because even as the amateur that he was he managed to beat hundreds of top poker giants, take home mega bucks and really live the poker dream. This led to a huge increase in ordinary people, sitting at home, logging on to their favorite online poker sites and trying to get a bit of the dream for themselves as well. That is why it has been said he kick-started the poker revolution.

Chris Moneymaker’s Personal Life

Chris Moneymaker was born in Atlanta and grew up in Tennessee. He studied at the Farragut High School, in Farragut, Tennessee. He got a masters degree in accounting from the University of Tennessee. In college, he was a frat member of Pi Kappa Phi. Shortly after he left college, he began working in the accounting field. At that point in his life he was only playing poker online in his spare time. He never would have imagined – or even dared to dream – that one day he would become one of the most well-respected poker players in the world.

Today, Chris is married with one daughter. She was born 3 months before her daddy won the WSOP main event. Perhaps she gave him the luck he needed, although most poker players in the know would say that Chris didn’t need much luck – he was just born to be a moneymaker.