Joe Hachem - Biggest WSOP Prize Winner Ever

Joe Hachem turned into a poker sensation after moving from being a chiropractor. He is now one of the biggest WSOP prize winners in history.

How Joe Hachem Got Into Playing Poker For The Big $$$S

It probably wasn’t Joe’s original intention to play poker for money. Joe Hachem was born in Lebanon and at age 6, his family moved to Australia where he still currently resides. He claims to have learnt a valuable lesson from his fellow Aussies in those early years: there is nothing more important in life than family. Today he lives with his wife and 4 children and they mean the world to him. That was indeed originally why he set up his chiropractic practice – a good, steady, solid income. Unfortunately, after 13 years, he was diagnosed with a rare condition that meant he would not be able to continue to use his hands in this healing manner. He thus had to find something else to do with his hands. Something else that would be successful. And with poker playing, this poker giant discovered it. It is all this that makes Joe Hachem into a great poker player profile.

Joe Becomes a Semi-Professional Poker Player

Joe Hachem may have started off small, but within a short while, he began taking the game more seriously. True, his whole life he had enjoyed playing poker, but Joe had never considered it to be more than just a game. Now that his life was taking a different turn however, the game was becoming a passion. It was in the mid-1990s that all this happened. He played in real casinos in Melbourne as well as online, at PokerStars. He had always dreamed of the World Series of Poker tournament, but never imagined that the dream could actually become a reality. First, he didn’t want to leave his family for such a long time. But it happened for him. He made it work. He won money at a small event in the 2005 WSOP and used that and other cash to buy in to its main event. It was a risk worth taking as he won the biggest first prize ever, becoming a world champion. To do that, he had to beat a staggering 5618 players…and he did. And the players were real names, including Steve Dannemann. He certainly appreciated his $7.5 million in winnings, making his meager investment in the championship look like pennies! He continues to travel the world for more games, but always keeps his family as his number one priority. Any wins that he gets are absolutely and positively for the entire family, never just for him. That is, and always has been, his focus.