Phil Hellmuth Jr. - 11 Time WSOP Winner

Phil Hellmuth Jr. makes for a great poker player profile with his ‘Poker Brat’ clothing line. He gives other poker players personal winning poker advice.

If you’ve ever wanted to be in the same room as a top poker player, one who just keeps on winning those major poker tournaments, then look no further than Phil Hellmuth Jr. The World Series of Poker (WSOP) is probably the poker tournament for any poker player who is anyone. Winning one is pretty amazing. But our Phil Hellmuth has won 11! That just makes him a mega poker winner in our books.

Hellmuth Jr. Wins WSOP 11 Times

Phil as a Household Name Around the World

For anyone who enjoys competitive poker playing, Phil Hellmuth is your household name. Because he has been so successful in poker tournaments, fans have been interested in more than just his poker playing. Thus he has established a website with blogs, news, twitter link, photos and even videos of the man in action. Phil Hellmuth Jr. is quite insistent that you get his name right too. He is not interested in shortened versions; he feels proud of the name Phil Hellmuth Jr. that has the flair all poker players would be overjoyed to carry.

Phil Has a Heart Too

On his website, you will also learn that Phil Hellmuth Jr. is more than just a fabulous poker player who likes to publicize this fact. He does a lot of charity work with charity poker tournaments as well as giving from his own pockets. He doesn’t just take all those mega poker tournament wins home – he gives back, and generously too. He has even given some of his WSOP bracelets away…and winning one of them is no mean feat. But when it comes to charities, it seems like there’s nothing Hellmuth won’t do. His main charitable donations are to organizations such as Doctors Without Borders, Habitat for Humanity and many others beside that.

Hellmuth as a Poker Player in the Modern World

If anyone knows how to keep up with the times when it comes to poker, it’s Phil Hellmuth Jr. He hasn’t missed a beat. For the last 10 years he has been attempting to make UltimateBet website the name in online poker gaming. The aim for this gaming website is more than just games; Hellmuth, being the social guy he is, has attempted to make this in to a real poker community with shared interests, forums etc. And for those interested in poker blogging, they get to see Hellmuth’s own blog at this website too. He prides himself on his talent and isn’t afraid to share advice, tips and strategy with those who visit the site.

Poker Players and their Families Can Enjoy Phil Hellmuth Jr.

For sure poker players will enjoy learning about Phil Hellmuth Jr. as well as picking up winning poker tips from this poker giant, but even their families who might not necessarily be so in the know about the game, will enjoy this poker giant too. His community spirit; commitment to charity and general social being make him a guy you might want to have a pint with one day soon.