Phil Ivey - 5 WSOP Bracelets

Phil Ivey made himself worthy of a poker player profile by not only winning 5 WSOP bracelets, but having them all “in hand” before his 30th birthday.

How It All Began for Phil Ivey

Phil Ivey is not a name to be sniffed at when it comes to winning poker tournaments. He clearly has what it takes, and has done, from a very young age. Even before he turned 24 he had won his first World Series of Poker (WSOP) title. Doing that, he beat many great poker players, including the legendary Phil Hellmuth. At 25, he won a staggering 3 more such championships, as well as two Bellagio tournaments, a World Poker Open tournament, two Commerce tournaments. He also did pretty well at the World Poker Tour final tables. From such a young age, Ivey has clearly shown time and again that he has a talent for poker playing.

History of Phil’s Poker Winning Tournaments

One could say, looking back that 2005 and 2006 were the best poker years any man could hope for. In 2005 Ivey earned himself two WPT final tables and his 5th bracelet. He also came second in the WSOP Circuit Event at Harrah's Lake Tahoe. But he topped them all at the Monte Carlo Millions tournament, winning a staggering $1 million. If he wasn’t already reeling in his millions, it only take another day for him to win at “The FullTiltPoker.net Invitational Live from Monte Carlo,” netting a further $600,000 for his troubles.

Compliments All Around for Phil Ivey

Well, no-one could say it was undeserved. In January 2006, Phil was awarded three honors: All In Magazine, Bluff Magazine, and the UK Gaming Awards all named him Player of the Year. Further monetary wins followed, culminating in his final tabling the WSOP’s $5K HORSE event, finishing fourth, in 2007.

What Phil Ivey Does Today With His Poker Playing Talent

Today, Phil likes to play online. He plays “exclusively for Full Tilt Poker.com,” but today he also has his own website on which he offers fellow poker players – beginners and advanced alike – tips and strategy to improve their poker playing capacity. His strategy for success is pretty simple, relax. Well, it might not be quite as easy as that, but apparently he believes that no matter what strategies one tries to learn and develop, at the end of the day, all should be left at the table. At the table one should just, in his words, “forget it.” Easier said than done, other players might retort to the legendary Phil Ivey. But that’s his story and he’s sticking to it. Also at the site, you will find current poker championship news, a bit about his personal life, links to other poker sites and photos.

A Bit About Phil The Man

It’s always nice to hear a success story end with a love note. Phil Ivey won’t disappoint. He married his childhood sweetheart and today lives in Las Vegas with his wife. He credits it all to her, saying, again, in simple Phil style, “Without Lucietta, I wouldn’t be nearly this successful.” Seems like the man can give more than tips on poker playing…