Allen Cunningham - 5 WSOP Bracelets

Allen Cunningham has won over $10.2 million in career tournament earnings and was entitled 2005 WSOP player of the year.

What Cunningham Did Before His Poker Playing Success

Allen Cunningham is more than just a superb poker player. He is highly educated, and even though he didn’t complete his degree in Engineering from UCLA, he sure learnt a lot along the way. But Cunningham wasn’t one just for keeping his nose in his books all the time. On the side, Cunningham would have a good game of poker which couldn’t have harmed his success in engineering. But perhaps it did. Perhaps the fact that Cunningham just got so good at poker led to him leaving school and pursuing poker full time. Given that the man has done so well with this venture, he probably never looked back.

Personality of Allen Cunningham

Perhaps one could say that Allen Cunningham has an engineering personality which can be seen at the poker table too. He is quiet – maybe even quietly confident, but quiet nonetheless – and his controlled demeanor no doubt helps him to put off his opponents. He analyzes all moves (no doubt the engineering side of the man) and remains focused at all times. Playing poker is as much about personality as it is about cards and skill and this particularly personality has stood Cunningham in good stead at the table.

Allen Cunningham’s Notable Poker Success at Tournaments

Cunningham today is known for his major successes at poker tournaments, in the poker world, both on and off line. Online today he plays at Full Tilt Poker, under the name Clever Piggy. Indeed a clever piggy he is since he was named “Best all Around Player” in 1999 at the Bicycle Casino’s Legends of Poker when he reached the final table in 5 events. In 2001 Cunningham won his first WSOP bracelet and was then awarded another elusive bracelet the following year. But that wasn’t it for Cunningham….far from it. In 2005 he did super well at the WSOP, getting to four final tables and yet another bracelet as he won the $1,500 No Limit Hold’em tournament. Again, it wasn’t just the money but the recognition Cunningham was awarded as he was named WSOP Player of the Year. The next year another WSOP bracelet had Allen Cunningham’s name on it and he came fourth at the WSOP Main Event, taking home an impressive $3.6 million. Still more was to come as the following year he got another bracelet, making him the pride owner of five bracelets to date. 2008 saw him win yet more tournaments at Caesars Palace and another final table at the 2008 WSOP.

What the Future Holds for Allen Cunningham

It seems like there is just no stopping this mega poker player profile Allen Cunningham. He shoots, he scores and just keeps on winning. He enjoys playing both on and off line and regularly wins at all venues.