T J Cloutier - Winner of 60 World Wide Poker Tournaments

T J Cloutier has an incredible poker player profile with his phenomenal 6 World Series of Poker (WSOP) bracelets.

Awesome Poker Player T J Cloutier Keeps Striking it Rich

There is no doubt about it, T J Cloutier is an awesome poker player. He just keeps on winning. He is phenomenal at poker tournaments and has often been considered one of the world’s best poker players, which isn’t surprising considering the guy’s stats: Cloutier has won over 60 major tournaments; he has earned a staggering (almost unheard of) 6 WSOP bracelets and has made history by being the only professional poker player to have managed to win 3 types of Omaha played at the WSOP (Limit High, Limit 8 or Better High low split, Pot Limit High). This record is phenomenal. But what is interestingly ironic about T J Cloutier’s poker winning history is that the Main Event at the WSOP has eluded him. He hasn’t managed to win it. Four times however, he has come in the top five at the Main Event (even twice at number two), but for a pro like Cloutier, this hasn’t been enough and has no doubt, continued to frustrate the man. He ranks second to poker giant Phil Hellmuth for the most all time WSOP final table finishes record.

Other Poker Tournaments T J Cloutier Has Featured In

In addition, the best Cloutier has done at a World Poker Tour (WPT) event has been to come in 3rd, and that was in 2003 in the Legends of Poker. Cloutier has played at the National Heads-Up Poker Championship, Poker Royale: Battle of the Ages, Ultimate Poker Challenge and the Poker Superstars Invitational Tournament.

How T J Cloutier Began as a Professional (Successful) Poker Player

T J Cloutier had a rather interesting introduction in to the world of poker. He was in the army at the time. After he left though, he wanted to be a professional football player and was for a time with the Montreal Allouettes. Unfortunately God had other plans and he injured his knee. This marked the quick end to his footballing career. He began a food company, but that wasn’t as successful as he had hoped. After that he worked on an oil rig in Texas, but was always still playing poker on the side, when he had days off. When he saw that he was able to make more money with the cards than the oil, he gave up the rig and became a professional poker player.

T J Cloutier The Man

Today, T J Cloutier lives with his wife in Richardson, Texas. He was granted an athletic scholarship for American football and baseball at the Berkeley University, California but had to drop out after a time due to financial difficulties with his family.