Daniel Negreanu - Top WSOP Poker Player and Winner

Daniel Negreanu has been a top poker player profile for more than a decade. He has topped poker tournaments, such as WSOP and WPT.

How It All Began for Negreanu Winning Poker Tournaments

Daniel Negreanu has been enjoying playing – and winning – poker for many years but gained his reputation as a top competitive poker tournament player in 1997. It was that year he won two world poker finals, netting him over $55,000. But more exciting than that for this poker player, was that at the tournament Negreanu earned the name of “best all-around player.” For players serious about their poker, this is the ultimate in compliment.

1998 WSOP

Not just a one or two-time champ, Negreanu’s success continued just as strong when the following year he won a huge sum at the $2,000 Pot Limit Hold’em event at the famous World Series of Poker. Again, the name he earned was just as good as the money since he was the youngest WSOP bracelet winner ever. He held this record for 6 years.

Continued Success for Negreanu

It seemed like Negreanu’s luck would never run out. The following years saw him winning two World Poker Tour events, more bracelets and player of the year title at the WSOP in 2004 and the WPT the following year. In fact, it seemed like Negreanu was just such a lucky poker winner, that others wanted a piece of this. So much so that the Wynn Las Vegas resort nabbed him as their "Poker Ambassador" to play for any stake in their poker room when they opened. This wasn’t so good for Negreanu though as he felt like it was disabling his capacity to play for really high stakes so in October 2005 he said “thanks, but no thanks.” Still realizing he had something when it came to poker playing and top tournaments, Negreanu milked this and launched his own poker room online. Here, fans and would-be poker winners alike can read his blog, join forums and play the game.

Negreanu Today

The guy is still going strong today. He certainly hasn’t lost his talent for poker playing. But these days he has altered his focus – he has been finding protégé’s and developing them in to top-class poker speed. He did this in 2006 with Brian Fidler and the year later with Anthony Mak. In the same year Negreanu signed with PokerStars, becoming a member of Team PokerStars. In terms of his own poker gambling, you might catch a glimpse of the poker star in Vegas’s exquisite casino, the Bellagio. He just loves to play. He even confesses that he is somewhat addicted to the thrill of poker playing, always seeking more challenges in his game. He has quite a mouth on him, which isn’t so typical for a poker player but perhaps what makes him more interesting and thus given celebrity status on poker TV shows.