Erik Seidel - 9 WSOP Bracelets for this Poker Player

Erik Seidel is a poker player’s dream, having won 8 World Series of Poker Bracelets, a World Poker Tournament and over $9 million dollars in cash.

Seidel’s Mega Poker Wins

Erik Seidel is an amazing poker player. The very first time the man played in a WSOP Championship, he came in second, which is practically unprecedented (if not actually unprecedented). In 1999 he got to the Final Table of the Championship Event and ultimately came in fourth. But 5 years earlier, he won his first bracelet at the $5k Limit Hold’em Event. In 2005 Seidel won his 7th bracelet in the $2,000 No Limit Hold’em Tournament, making four Final Tables. But the man wasn’t yet done with bracelet!

Erik Seidel Just Keeps on Winning Those Poker Tournaments

Two years later Erik Seidel won yet another bracelet and today he has a staggering 9 of them! And the man is still going strong. Last year he did really well at the Aussie Millions Event as well as the WPT. In fact, it was the first WPT Championship Erik had ever won. It wasn’t much to sneeze at financially either as he was awarded a staggering $993,000. He did well at the WSOP that year too, making two Final Tables and coming in fifth at the $10k World Championship 7 Card Stud Tournament as well as fourth at the $1,500 Pot Limit Omaha Tournament. Clearly, all this steady wins are showing that Erik Seidel is not a “here today, gone tomorrow” kind of professional poker player. He is more of a “here to stay” one. Erik Seidel was also a member of the Mayfair Club, a card room in New York which earned itself the reputation of being “the most touted card club in New York.” It was also an amazing breeding ground for training poker players and it sure did help Erik Seidel.

Erik Seidel – The Man Himself

Erik was born in New York. He lived there as a child and as he got older, he became very interested in backgammon. In fact, he was so good at it, that as an adult Seidel spent eight years on the backgammon tournament circuit. Although he enjoyed it, Seidel soon moved to the stock market. He very much enjoyed Wall Street trading and it was during those years that Erik Seidel began playing poker on the side. Today he lives in Las Vegas and has switched his focus – he plays poker for the most part, and on the side, dabbles in the stock market. His hobbies include tennis, music and of course, on line poker playing.