Video Poker Tips - How to Win at Video Poker

This article discusses some of the video poker tips you should know to help increase your chances of winning at video poker.

Video Poker Tips – An Introduction

Knowing some video poker tips can go a long way in helping you win more often than you lose. Video poker being a game of chance as well as skill, knowing some tips can give you the edge when you sit in front of a machine to play the game of your choice. The tips give you an idea of which aspects of your skill at the game you need to focus on.

In this article, we will discuss some video poker tips that can improve the odds significantly in your favor.

Some General Video Poker Tips

The first general video poker tip to know is that you should know what machine to play on. For instance, if you are new to video poker, the best option would be to play on machines with low denominations. As your skills improve, you can graduate to higher denomination machines.

Another small but significant video poker tip is that you should not rush through a game if you are new to video poker. Study your hand carefully and think which cards to retain or drop before you actually do so.

Here is another from a long list of video poker tips. Before you start playing video poker for money, practice on a computer or a hand-held game. This helps you develop your game skills and also your speed, without having to worry about losing money and losing.

Some More Video Poker Tips

Here is a significant video poker tip: the concept of a loose or tight machine in video poker is a myth; there is no such thing. All video poker machines are programmed in such a way that they throw up cards in no fixed pattern, i.e. they are the closest thing to random card generators. The randomness associated with the game ensures that the probability of a particular card appearing on a specific hand is almost equal for all the cards.

What this effectively translates to is this – the more the number of cards, the more the chances of any one of them popping up in your hand. This point is critical in determining which type of machine you should play on. Most machines use a 52-card deck, and these are the machines you should play at. Avoid playing at machines that have multiple card decks.

The second general video poker tip for you is to enhance your playing speed. While card generation is random in video poker, machines can show natural fluctuations, based on the randomness of the draw and the cards you retain for a specific hand. Fluctuations can be negative as well as positive, and are greatly influenced by the speed at which you play.

It is important to know which cards to hold, along with being able to play fast. If you play fast, but do not know the right card combination to hold, there are strong chances of you ending up the loser more often than not.

You must also know what kind of bankroll is appropriate for a specific game. Once you know how much money you want to spend, you can then select the specific game you want to play. For instance, if you think your bankroll would be between $400 and $600, the ideal game for you would be Jacks or Better ($.25).