Video Poker Software

Video poker is all about software. If you are looking to enjoy the game to its fullest then you need to play with the best video poker software.

There are many new video poker games to download. The rate at which new poker software comes out is quite amazing. You as a user have to decided what suits you best with regards to how fast your computer is, whether you are on a Mac or PC and how fast your internet connection is.

Video Poker Software Graphics

After that you can concentrate on how good the graphics are and how many variations of the game of Poker the software may offer you. Many of the versions of video poker games out there require payment of some kind and though some may offer players a trail, you need to pay for the software at some point. You have different payment options including Paypal. A bit of surfing on the net will bring up free Video Poker Sites. These are great for the practice. Though they lack the graphics and tips of the software you pay for. The interaction in the software you pay for is at a much higher level and prepares you for real money games a whole lot better.

Many games feel like you are playing against a real player, which goes to show how advanced the artificial intelligence on these games are.

Most Video Poker games are modelled on something called Draw Poker. In this version of the game the dealer uses a 52 card deck. The deck is played fresh after each hand. The aim of the game is to get a combination of Jacks or better.

There are button options that increase or decrease your bet. There is usually a “Go” button to deal cards.

If you have a hand that is lower than 2 Jacks you lose your bet. If you are holding 2 Jacks or higher, your payout is in relation to the value of your hand and the amount you have placed as a bet. You also have what is known as a double payoff round. A double payoff is when you produce a hand that has a combination of 2 Jacks or better and you are given the chance to double your winnings. Most Video Poker games have a button that enables you to skip the double payoff and continue playing as normal.

Software for beginners

For the complete beginners or even players looking to improve their game you can find Video Poker software that will teach you the game of Poker. I came across one called Video Poker Teacher. It costs a little less than $15 dollars.

The software promises to correct your strategy and gives you advice on request. What is great is you can get advice on the correct play for any given situation. If you don’t request advice the Video Poker Teacher politely points out your errors. It is definitely a great way to improve your game and stop making mistakes on those borderline hands.

The fact is, once you learn how to play correctly you can increase your returns in all other poker games. So for those looking to increase their poker returns, software like the Video Poker Teacher is well worth the $15 investment.

Many Video Poker sites make it clear that games are played for amusement only. There is no real gambling to be done. This is just a fun way to get better at the game of poker.