Video Poker Odds - Odds of Winning at Video Poker

Video poker is a popular game and it is necessary to fully understand video poker odds if you want to get anywhere with the game.

Video poker is one of the popular games available in casinos. There are different types of video poker and each of them has different payouts and odds. Video poker odds refer to what a player can expect in return from a winning hand.

Understanding Ranks and Odds

In video poker there are different ranks for each hand and each rank gets the player a different level of payout. What the player gets in return is the result of the decisions the player has been taking over a period of time. A player will have to be careful deciding which cards to keep and which to discard. To get the best returns a player must choose the best strategy and stick to it no matter what.

Strategies for Playing Odds

Applying the correct strategy gets the best out of a hand. If a player is playing Jacks or Better, then the player will get 4 for 1 for a straight, 6 for 1 for a flush. If a player’s hand consists of four cards to a flush it means that there are 9 cards out of the 47 left in the deck that can complete the player’s hand meaning 9/47. This translates to mean that the player already has four of the 13 cards that are there in each suit.

If the player has a straight draw it means that there are 8 cards out of the 47 which could complete the player’s hand. This would get the player 4 for 1 as winnings. In other words the player’s chance of completing the hand and winning four for one is 8/47. Players need to understand that the odds or expected returns for each hand are the amount a player will get paid multiplied by the odds. Here is further illustration of what players will get. For a straight draw the player can expect 68% or 8/47X4 in return. For a flush draw a player can expect a return of 115% or 9/47X6.

Players need to remember that there are 32 different ways that a hand can be played. Out of the 32 ways players will have to choose the way which will get the highest returns. This does involve choosing a strategy to go along with the need to earn the highest payouts.

Some More Tips

As has been seen there are video poker games which offer more than 100% payouts and some which offer very low payouts as well. The difference between what a player wins or ends up losing is purely decided on the decisions taken about which cards to discard and which to keep. Knowing the odds alone will not be enough. Players have to approach each game with a plan in mind. Be ready to take a tumble, lose money but ready to grab the chance which will come up sooner than later.

Regular players of video poker know that the more you play the game the more are the chances of a player getting higher earnings especially because the house has a low edge.