Video Poker Payouts - Payouts in Video Poker

If you want to become a master of video poker, you will first have to learn as much as you can about video poker payouts and how to get the best ones.

The payout table on a video poker machine tells you how much each winning combination of cards pays. These tables are posted on the top of the machine or directly on the video screen. You need to check each one out individually, because the payout changes on each game you play. Machines may look identical; this does not mean they will give you identical payouts. A mistake most beginners in the video poker arena make. The true odds of video poker machines are fixed. Casinos can only get an edge with house odds.

Payouts on Video Poker Machines

The great bit is the high payout percentages you play at on video poker machines. Payouts range from 90-100% if you use the right strategy. What most video poker games don’t tell player is that you need to hit a royal flush in order to get these payout percentages. It sounds easy enough in theory, till you realize that the odds of hitting a royal flush are about 40,000 to 1.

Deuces Wild, Double Jokers, Triple Bonus Jacks or Better are games that boast large jackpots, but this may not mean big payouts. You need to hunt out payout lists online. What you are looking for are games with high percentage returns and a free low house advantage.

Finding a Good Payout

Finding a good payout is easier said than done. The selection is so wide. One doesn’t know where to look. The point is to look for significant differences in payouts. Small fractions make little difference to the amount of money you will actually win.

It is useful to remember that most Maximum-Coin Jacks or Better payouts differ only on full houses and flushes. The differences are really small otherwise. A good way to find out is to try playing at different online video poker machines till you find one that works well for you where payouts are concerned. Remember this is a highly competitive arena that is growing all the time. This means payouts and incentives to play are always changing. Today’s best online video poker machine may not be tomorrow’s, when it comes to payouts. Also certain machines may prove luckier for you than others.

If you are looking for the best paying video poker machines, it is best that you try your luck at those which pay out a total of 6 full coins should you secure a flush and as much as 9 full coins should you get a full house. These games are called 9/6. Accordingly according to the payouts offered by each machine the machine will be classified and if you understand how it works you can make the best possible selection to suit your skill and budget. The other games available are 8/5's, and 6/5's. Playing a 6/5 game is generally not recommended and if you see this, then it is advisable to try playing another game.

This makes it obvious why you want to play 9/5 and 8/5 games if the payout is what you are looking at.