Video Poker Machines - All about Video Poker Machines

If you possess a video poker machine, or are interested in purchasing one, here is some valuable information.

Machines of various shapes and sizes have become part of our lives since some time now. To those of us who are addicted to video games we never seem to get enough of them especially because of the speed and variety that they offer. Combine poker with video games and what you have is a heady mix.

Video poker machines versus regular poker

When compared to regular poker, video poker machines remove the dependence for having other players to start a game of poker. For a game of video poker you don’t need to wait until the other seats are taken. All it takes is one player and a machine. The other best thing about video poker is that you need not worry about the dealer being biased towards the house. These machines use software called Random Number Generator or RNG which is meant to ensure that the house does not have any unfair advantage. Regular players will tell you that if you play at a machine for a long time without making bad decisions the chances of winning are very high. All these advantageous go out of the window when it comes to regular poker.

Ease of play

When it comes to games all of us want them to be simple yet fun and when the game is poker we sure do want to win the big bucks. Video poker machines have simplified the game to such a level that it just a matter of clicking buttons and nothing else for a player to begin his/her session of play. Most video poker games are about draws of five cards. Each hand is ranked and the highest ranked hand wins the highest amount of money.

How it is played

Video poker machines differ from one another. It is very important for players to understand how each one plays and to find the one they are comfortable with. If a player is unable to come to terms with a particular machine it is best to move on to another. Video poker machines all most always offer payouts upwards of 95%, there are some which give returns of 100% as well. There are good hands, there are the not so good ones and then there are the bad ones. Each of them is ranked and each hand gets the player a different return. Players are advised to read the payout charts which will be displayed prominently on the screens.

To begin play bets will have to be placed. After the bet is placed, five cards will be dealt out on the screen. Players have the option of either keeping the cards or discarding them. Cards that are discarded will get replaced by new ones. Cards can be retained by pressing the “hold” button which will available under each card.

The hand that the player has after the change of cards is the final hand. If the player has a hand that is listed in the payout charts then the amount specified for the hand will be allocated to the number of credits he/she all ready has.