Video Poker Glossary - Terms of Online Video Poker

This article explains some on online video poker terms and presents a video poker glossary.

An Introduction to the Video Poker Glossary

If you are interested in playing video poker or in learning how to play the game, simply learning the nuances of the game are not enough. You must also be aware of the different terms, definitions, and jargon that form part of the video poker glossary. There are a number of terms that you must know. Some of them are common to poker, while others are specific to video poker.

Knowing the terms that make up the video poker glossary enables you to understand the games better. Besides, it helps you understand what another video poker player may be saying when you are engaged in a conversation or discussion.

In this article, we will discuss some of the terms that make up the video poker glossary.

Basic Terms in the Video Poker Glossary

The video poker glossary has some basic terms that you need to know. We list these basic video poker glossary terms here:

Bank: A bank refers to a row of video poker machines. This term is commonly used in reference to land-based casinos offering video poker, where the machines are organized together in neat row/rows.

Bonus Poker: This is a term used to refer to one variation of a popular video poker game – Jacks or Better.

Cash back: The term ‘cash back’ refers to the money that is given back to the player by the casino for being a member.

Deuces Wild: The term ‘Deuces Wild’ is used to refer to a type of video poker game. In this game, the two-cards in the deck are the wild cards, hence the name.

Drawing hand: The term ‘drawing hand’ refers to a hand in video poker that requires a new card so as to form a better hand than the currently existing one.

Some More Terms in the Video Poker Glossary

Face card: The term ‘face card’ is used to refer to the Jacks, Queens, and Kings in the deck. It refers to cards with ‘faces’ on them, hence the name.

Full pay: The term ‘full pay is used to refer to the best payout that a video poker machine gives. Such a machine is also called a ‘full pay machine’.

House edge: The house edge, as the term suggests, is the mathematical advantage that the casino holds over the players. In video poker, the house edge is basically a percentage of each bet placed.

Joker Poker: Joker Poker is a variation of video poker where the game is played with a 53-card deck instead of the standard 52-card deck. The joker is the 53rd card, and is considered a wild card.

Kicker: The term ‘kicker’ is used in poker to define a high card that does not form a pair with the other cards in the hand. Players can hold a kicker to determine the winner in case of a tie in poker. A fundamental rule in video poker is not to retain a kicker card.

Payback: ‘Payback’ refers to the percentage that you will receive from a video poker machine for the amount you have bet in the long term.

Payoff: The term ‘payoff’ is used to describe the sum that you receive from the video poker machine for a specific hand. The payoff differs for each hand in different video poker games.