Video Poker Supreme - Alternative Video Poker

Video Poker Supreme is very man’s dream come true as it combines beautiful digital women who are willing to take their clothes off while the men play poker.

Go on the internet for Video Poker Supreme games and what do you find? Video Strip Poker Supreme! You can find cards and nudity all in one place which is every gambling man’s dream. Unfortunately Video Strip Poker Supreme falls short on that. Yes you get to see nudity. Yes you have gorgeous digital babes willing to undress as you get on your winning streak. But it is just a little corny.

Striptease and Poker

The lines being used by the buxom babes in bullet-proof bras are far from sensual. The music has a tin like quality to it and after surfing hundreds of poker sites the quality of these games just doesn’t cut the mustard.

I tried to find a version of the game without the strippers but it’s a difficult thing to do. All searches lead to playing poker with five Eastern European belles who offer their clothes as stake.

You get to offer your opponent a drink in this game. Which is fun, but she ends up saying “Oh my God” far too often after she gets drunk. Obviously this little act seems to work for single men out there. As I mentioned before a search for Video Poker Supreme brings up hundreds of links to the strip poker version of the game. So popularity is growing.

It has to be said that the video quality of this game is great. For the bored single player out there looking for a bit of an eyeful while they play poker, this really is the game to play. From a purely visual stand point I think the developers really did their homework. I just wish they had paid that much attention to the dialogues these girls use. The visuals come in 720px wide DVD size. All this could be fairly exciting for the average man who wants something a little more stimulating than solitaire to play on his computer.

How the game works

The game even offers you a prompter. So you can learn how to play poker while looking at gorgeous babes get naked. The tips from the prompter are surprisingly good and easy to learn from. This may sound a little ironic for a site that concentrates on undressing women as you play poker. But the tips are well thought out and very helpful to beginners.

What will really excite all the single poker players out there that love female nudity, is the features involved with the striptease. During the game you get to play, replay and pause or skip the striptease clips. You also get a “heart” for every game you win. Each heart won enables you to view a striptease without actually playing.

This game was made to grab the attention of men the world over and by the ratings it seems to have become a success. It comes in different languages and you can change your language options to: English, German, French, Polish, Italian, Czech, Russian, Spanish, Portuguese and Dutch.