Mini Baccarat

Baccarat is traditionally a game for the rich and the daring – but what about mini baccarat, could it be an answer to the regular man's dreams?

Mini baccarat is frankly the best choice when it comes to baccarat; it takes all the excitement and fun of the originally European game, but delivers it on a smaller scale without all the pomp that can still often be associated with the big-table baccarat games.

Mini Baccarat and Regular Baccarat – the differences

For the most part mini baccarat is played in much the same way that baccarat is, with the same aims of the game; it is for precisely this reason that it can be deemed as equal in fun and excitement. Where mini baccarat does alter from regular baccarat however is in the complexity of the game play itself. The European versions of baccarat even as they are played to day can be quite complicated and require the players to operate the game. American blackjack is less straining on the players, but can still be quite daunting. Regular American blackjack is at a large table, manned by 3 members of staff, and requires the players to take on the role of the dealer. It is in these last areas that mini baccarat really sets itself apart from other types of baccarat and is able to establish itself as a highly approachable game. The size of the table for mini baccarat is considerably smaller than that of the regular games; often half the size, and more reminiscent of a blackjack table. In addition, rather than having 3 members of staff present, the mini baccarat version has just one, and this member of staff deals with everything. Thus, in mini-baccarat the dealer does all of the dealing and the player doesn't have to worry about anything other than laying his bets. Furthermore, the table maximums and minimums are usually considerably lower in a mini baccarat game than in other types of baccarat game, and in the land based casino there are less strict rules regarding dress code etc attached to mini baccarat than big-table versions.

Why is mini baccarat better?

The reasons why mini baccarat is different from other forms of baccarat is exactly why mini baccarat is better than the others. Most of us do not live in a world where we can throw thousands down in a single bet, and most of us wouldn't want to. Baccarat developed in a time when gambling was for the elite, and casinos were the playgrounds of the rich; this is no longer true. In today's gambling world, be that online or on land, the gaming community wants access to the games, and it is simply unacceptable that a game should be cut off from the masses. Of course there are still high stake baccarat games for those who want it, but mini baccarat takes all the fun of those games and gives it to the people – and that's why mini baccarat is better.