Baccarat Table Layout

The baccarat table layout is divided into two areas – the dealer’s area and the player’s area.

Baccarat table layout is pretty much the same in all American baccarat games; however the size of the table can alter. The number of player positions marked on the table is a foundational part of the baccarat table layout, and usually will cater for between 12 and 14 people. Each of the player positions will be numbered, and no body can play unless they are in one of these positions.

Baccarat Table Layout – The Shape of the Table

The table itself is a kind of elliptical shape, with markings mirrored on each end; the only difference between the ends is the numbers of the player positions marked. The middle ground between the two curved ends is the place for the dealers, and it is from here that the game is run.

Baccarat Table Layout – The Dealers Area

On the one side of the table in the dealers' area, you will see squares directly in front of where the dealer stands; there will usually be a rectangular indent into the table in this place. On every baccarat table layout these squares will be numbered and will correspond to the numbers on the player positions, with 1 on the left and the highest number on the right. The numbers will be split into two sections according to the split of the numbers between the two ends, and each of the two dealers will take care of one side of the numbers. Opposite, the place where the two dealers stand you will see an area in front of which will be marked on the baccarat table layout the words "Bankers" and "Players"; these will usually be marked in front of a semi circular indent into the table. This is where the Caller stands and it is on these marked squares that the Caller will place the appropriate cards once they have been flipped over by the player with the highest Player bet or Banker bet. Finally, in the middle of the table you will often find a discard box, where the burnt and used up cards are dropped.

Baccarat Table Layout – The Players' Positions

As we already noted the curved ends of the table will be demarcated with numbers indicating each of the player positions and with regular American baccarat there are usually between 12 and 14 positions; note that the highest number will often be 15, as 13 is rarely marked on the table. In addition to the numbers being marked on the baccarat table layout however you will see the betting option positions marked also. In front of each player, therefore, you will find the number of their position, a square in which Player bets can be laid, a square in which Banker positions can be made, and then a square again with the number of the player position, where tie bets can be made. The Banker and Player bet squares will be known because the name will be spelt out with one letter in each square going around the player positions. Tie bets are to be placed in the numbered square furthest from where the player is sitting.