Baccarat Systems

The are a number of baccarat systems and a player should try find one that works for him.

The reason that baccarat is so popular is because it's the fairest game in the casino. With a house edge of only 1%, baccarat gives the player every opportunity to win; this means that all baccarat systems are just a means of helping those odds work in your favor. There are really only 3 baccarat systems that are worth mentioning, and these three can all be used in conjunction, or as a combination. Ultimately, these baccarat systems will simply assist you in not throwing away the odds that the casino gives you.

1,3,2,6 System

It's possible that you may come across other baccarat systems that promise you fool proof results – don't believe them. The 1,3,2,6 system is the best of the baccarat systems and has been proven as such over years of experimentation. The reason that the 1,3,2,6 system is the king of the baccarat systems is because it enables you to play for a longer time, for less money, and keeping the risks low. If played in the best possible scenario, you can end up with the 1,3,2,6 system with 12 units for only 2 units wagered. This is how it works.

Place 1 unit, on the bet of your choice – not the tie bet. If you win you leave your winnings on the table and add one more from your stack. If this wins you now have 6 chips on the table; you take 4 of these off, and leave 2 chips on the table for your third bet. If this wins, you will have 4 on the table, to which you add another 2, making a fourth bet of 6 chips. Thus on your fourth hand, you may potentially win 12 chips, whilst having gambled only 2 of your original chips which you made back already in your third hand. Should you loose any of these hands, you got straight back to the beginning and stat with 1 chip; of course, it doesn't have to be one chip, but it must be the same unit value each time.

Don't bet on a tie

This doesn’t really count amongst the baccarat systems, but rather as simply sound advice that you must follow if you wish to win. The tie bet in baccarat gives some of the worse odds available in any casino game. Therefore if there is just one of the baccarat systems or pieces of advice you want to listen to it should be this on – never make a tie bet.

Manage your money

The most successful baccarat systems like other systems for chance games are personal ones that deal with one's approach to one's funds, and making them last longer. Money management is the most important element of any online or land based gambling activity, and success in this will bring you success in general.