Baccarat Player's Rules

The baccarat player has a very simple role in the game of baccarat; below are rules for the baccarat player.

Rules for Baccarat Player

There are only two positions to be played in baccarat, the Player position and the Banker position. The rules for baccarat Player and baccarat Banker are so well defined, that with the exception of some European variations, the responses to the necessary outcomes are set forth very clearly. The rules for baccarat player dictate exactly what a Player should do when confronted with different possibilities for baccarat hands, and there is no diverging from these rules.

What are the Rules for Baccarat Player?

The rules for baccarat Player are much simpler than those for the baccarat Banker because the latter relies on the outcome of the former, where as the former acts entirely independently of the latter. If the player has a hand to the value of 6 or above, the rules for baccarat Player dictate that he must stand and may not receive a third card. Should the Player's hand be to the value of 5 or less, rules for baccarat Player dictate that he must always receive a third card. Thus, neither the Caller or the player who is taking the role of the Player really has no choice in the hand's outcome, making it very different to other draw games.

Do I need to remember these rules?

The best thing about playing baccarat is that you have absolutely no need at all to remember the rules for baccarat Player, or for that matter the rules for the Banker position. Baccarat tables are manned by 3 members of staff; 2 deal with the banking and the bets, whilst the third is known as the Caller. The Caller's job is to run the game; keep it moving and give instructions. He knows the rules for baccarat Player and the rules for baccarat Banker inside out and backwards. Nothing happens at the baccarat table without him giving instructions for it. Thus, if a third card needs to be dealt or not according to the rules of baccarat Player positions, he will tell the player dealing the cards. In other words, it is very nice to know the rules of baccarat Player, and if you ever wanted to play a European version of the game you would have to know them, but for the most part when playing regular American baccarat you have no need at all to remember the rules of baccarat Player or Banker.

Other Rules for Baccarat Player?

The other rules for baccarat Player are simply to do with the play and etiquette of the game. The Player's cards will be slid by the player dealing the cards to the Caller; he will then slide those cards across to the player with the highest bet in the Player position. That player will turn over the cards and hand them straight back to the Caller, who will announce the value. Then the Banker cards are flipped; the Player cards are acted upon first. Therefore, the only thing that the actual person playing the Player does, is flip over the cards.