How to Win at Baccarat

Baccarat offers some of the best house odds available, so the question of how to win at baccarat is one of the easiest in the gaming industry.

There are two types of ways of understanding how to win at baccarat, the first deals with the very practical means of how to win at baccarat whilst the second is to do with general tips that will help you win.

How to win at baccarat – the rules

There are several ways of how to win at baccarat, and rules associated with the winning. Basically, how to win at baccarat is determined by the highest card total. If the Bank has the highest total and you bet on it, you win; equally if the Player has the highest total and you bet on it, you win. If you bet on the Tie bet and the Player and Banker totals are equal, the tie bet wins.

As for payouts, they are as follows. A bet on the Player position pays out equal money, meaning that if you bet $10 and win, you will get back your stake, and a further $10. A Banker position win also pays out equal money, but the casino takes a 5% commission on your winnings, so if you win a $10 bet on the Banker position, you will receive your $10 stake back, plus a further $9.50. Tie bets get pays out 9 times the amount of the wager, meaning that a $10 bet if won would give you back your $10 stake plus a further $90.

How to win at baccarat – general tips

Of course how to win at baccarat isn't to do just with the rules – that's how the game allows you to win, but what can you actually do to positively influence your winnings?

First of all, despite the great payout on it, you should never ever make a Tie bet. How to win at baccarat comes down to what the most likely odds are of a result coming up. Both the Player and Banker position, have around a 45.5% chance of coming up as opposed to the Tie bet which has roughly a 9% chance of occurring. Therefore, although a Tie win would pay out so much more than either of the other two – it's not really worth it as it is so unlikely to occur.

Other tips for how to win at baccarat are really to do with general sensible gaming rather than specific baccarat tips. Baccarat in general is a very fair game in terms of the house advantage, and because the results are completely random, and the bets are laid before the cards are dealt, it is very difficult to develop a system based on the play of the game itself. Therefore the best answer to how to win at baccarat is simply, to follow sensible betting strategies like keeping your bets inside a personal wagering limit and only betting with disposable income.