Baccarat Glossary

To understand the baccarat shoptalk one needs to know the terminology used by baccarat players. Baccarat glossary is a collection of the required terms.

Game related terms

  • Baccarat en Banque: A variation of baccarat common in European countries other than France. The main difference is that in this variation the casino acts as the bank
  • Banco: A term used by a bettor when he wants to match the stake wagered by the bank
  • Banco Prime: When more than one player calls banco, banco prime refers to the privilege of a player to the bank's right to match the stake wagered by the bank.
  • Carte: A French term used to request the third card from the dealer.
  • Coup: A French term for a round of baccarat.
  • Croupier: A term for the dealer.and then the game can be played by the computer at super fast speeds.
  • Chemin-de-fer: The earliest of the baccarat variations popular in France. In this variation one of the players acts as the bank. Chemin-de-fer is French for railroad.
  • Deux Tableau: Another name for Baccarat En Banque.
  • Flat Bettor: A bettor who places the same stake throughout the game.
  • High Roller: A bettor who plays with high stakes.
  • House Edge: The casino’s advantage over the player. It pays for the casino’s costs and profit. In baccarat en banque the house edge comes from commissions from the winning bets.
  • Ladderman: The person from the casino who oversees the baccarat table.
  • Mini-baccarat: A variation of Baccarat played on a smaller table.
  • Muck: Eight card decks used in some games of baccarat.
  • Palette: A wooden tool with which cards are moved on the table.
  • Punto Banco: A variation of baccarat that is played in the U.S., Australia and Canada. The feature of this game is the tie bet.
  • Shills: A young lady, working for the casino, who lures players to the baccarat table.
  • Shoe: A wooden box for holding the cards and from which the cards are dealt.
  • Shooter: A slang term for the bank.
  • Standoff: A tie between the banker and the player when both hold hands of the same value.
  • Super Pan Nine: A variation of baccarat.
  • Tie Bet: A bet in which a player bets on a tie. Though it has an apparently high payout it is a dud bet because the payout is not commensurate with the odds.

Card related terms

  • Baccarat: the lowest valued hand in baccarat. It has zero value. The game is named after this hand. Land baccarat is not a game it is a life-style. You have to be rich to play it. It gives players a social status that is the envy of online baccarat players.
  • Down Cards: The first two cards dealt to the player and dealer. They are called down cards because they are dealt face down.
  • Face Cards: Jacks, Queens and Kings are known as face cards or picture cards. They have a value of ten and do not change the hand value. Hence they are inconsequential.
  • Le Grande: The best hand in baccarat with the value of 9.
  • Natural: A dealt two-card hand that totals to 8 or 9.
  • Petite: The second best hand in baccarat with the value of 8.
  • Up Card: The third card dealt to the player and dealer. It is called up card because it is dealt face up.