Baccarat Types

A look at the advantages of online baccarat and the advantages of land baccarat, and their different popularities.

Advantages of online baccarat

  • Online baccarat can be conveniently played from home. There is no need to travel to expensive casinos and play at unaffordable stakes. All that is required is a computer and an Internet connection.
  • Today connection to the Internet has become wire free bringing online baccarat to mobile phones. Therefore you need not reach home before you can start playing. You can start playing on your way home.
  • Anonymity is one of the major advantages that online baccarat offers. When you play baccarat in land casinos your identity is not hidden. While playing baccarat online you can hide behind a log in name.
  • Online baccarat has lower costs for online casinos. Therefore online baccarat has some variations that reduce the house edge. One such variation is the single deck game. In land casinos baccarat is usually played with multiple decks, which have higher house edges. Also online baccarat tables start at much lower stakes. Therefore online baccarat has a much wider reach.
  • In fact online baccarat can be played for free on many online casinos. Many online casinos offer a game with a limited number of free play chips and the player can keep playing till he loses them all.
  • Online baccarat is played at much faster speeds because the moves are made by computers and not humans. Besides online baccarat is essentially is also available as a solo game in which there are no other players to delay the game. Auto play is a feature available in several online baccarat games. This enables the player to feed in his strategy and then the game can be played by the computer at super fast speeds.
  • Online baccarat replicates to a great extent the land casino environment. Live dealer games actually show real dealers dealing the cards and moving the cards and chips on the table. Games also provide multiple views so that the player gets a close up of the cards and a larger view of the table as well.
  • In single online baccarat games there is no waiting time because the player can simply download the game and start playing.

Advantages of land baccarat over online baccarat

  • The environment in land casinos cannot be recreated in online casinos. Playing baccarat in land casinos is straight from James Bond movies. High stakes, complimentary drinks, 100-dollar tips bring with it an exclusivity that is not there in online baccarat.
  • Land baccarat is not a game it is a life-style. You have to be rich to play it. It gives players a social status that is the envy of online baccarat players.
  • The biggest disadvantage of online baccarat is the danger of identity theft. Sensitive credit card information or bank account information has to be stored and transmitted online. Though precautions are taken the possibility of hackers accessing and misusing this information is real. In land baccarat the major transactions are in cash. Even if wire transfers and credit cards are used the information is not accessible online. Hence land baccarat has greater financial security.