Texas Holdem Poker Strategy - Strategy for Texas Holdem Poker

Texas Holdem is THE form of poker and any poker player who wants to advance in the poker world must learn basic Texas Holdem strategy.

Successful players of Texas Holdem, one of the most simple and popular poker games, use carefully planned strategies to improve their chances of winning the game. You can do this too – if you are just getting the hang of Texas Holdem and are interested in learning more, go through the following strategy suggestions for the game, and apply them while you are playing.

To start with, the more you play Texas Holdem, the better your game will become. So it is a good idea to practice the game regularly if you are serious about it. One good way of doing this is to play Texas Holdem in the practice mode till you gain enough skills at the game to stake actual cash on the results.

A basic game strategy when it comes to playing Texas Holdem is to make the right decisions about which hands to play. Beginners tend to bet on a large percentage of the hands they are dealt but this is unwise; it is important to choose playing hands judiciously.

Position, as in other poker games, is of considerable importance in Texas Holdem. When you are in an early position with a pot that has not been raised, you will need a hand that is fairly good, because there will be several players still to play after you, and any of these players could raise or re-raise the pot. However, when you are in a late position with a pot that has not been raised, you could manage with a less powerful hand since there are fewer players whose turn comes after you.

You should also remember not to give too much value to suited cards. While you are likely to get two suited cards in around 23% of the hands you play, a flush is likely only in approximately 5.77% games. So your chances of getting a flush are not high, and it better not to attempt to form a good hand with suited cards. The value of pocket pairs, too, should not be overestimated, especially if it a small one.

The simplicity of Texas Holdem as a game means that you do not have to calculate odds or count cards as in the case for many other poker variations.

Never make a cold call on raises except when you have remarkably good cards. Remember that your hand has to be more powerful to call a raise; don’t waste your bets on a hand that doesn’t have a good chance of winning.

In Texas Holdem, the player who is the first to take an action is often the winner. So look at your options as far as semi bluffing, slow playing and check raising are concerned, and try to be the one who sets the ball rolling.

When it comes to no limit Texas Holdem strategy, there are some particular points to bear in mind. Firstly, gaining a clear understanding of the odds in a game, including the implied odds, is essential, since this will determine your strategy for certain hands. Read player tells carefully, and apply your observations as you play. Vary your own play, so that opponents find it hard to understand your style of playing. Also, try to play against players as close to your own skill level as possible.