Omaha Poker Strategy - Strategy for Omaha Poker

Learning the basic strategy for Omaha poker can be greatly beneficial to a poker player.

It is never wise to go in for an Omaha poker game, while betting real money on the outcome, without a clear grasp of Omaha strategy. Omaha is no exception to this rule, and many players have found their winnings considerable larger after studying even the basics of the game’s strategy. Take a look at the suggestions below to understand some basic principles of Omaha strategy.

With a few differences as far as certain aspects are concerned, Omaha is played in much the same way as Texas Holdem. So if you have studied Texas Holdem strategy, you will have a sound foundation for Omaha strategic play as well. However, there are differences and you should not get confused with the consequent differences in the way you play certain situations.

Just like in other similar games, position is relevant in Omaha strategy. Your game will depend a lot on where you are sitting in relation to the dealer, and you should understand what your best options are in various situations from different positions. However, position in Omaha is not as important a factor as in other games, since it is possible to win from any position at the tables if the cards are tight.

Again, like other poker variations, hand ranking is all-important, so you should know these backwards and forwards so that you don’t make any errors while playing.

Omaha beginners often make the mistake of trying to keep the pace slow so that more money will get collected in the pot. But such a delay can result in your opponents creating a winning combination. So it makes more sense to adopt an aggressive style of play in this game.

Study the principles of bluffing carefully and learn how best to use the tactic to your advantage. Successful bluffing has various benefits, not least of which is the potential for bigger pots and heftier winnings, such as when you bluff through the way and amounts you bet.

In Omaha, remember not to overestimate the value of an Ace. There is a good chance that others will have a similar card, so don’t allow the presence of an Ace to make you over-confident.

At the beginning of the game, you should make sure that your starting hands are worth playing. Use a sound strategy for the flop and keep track of the loose and tight players in the game so that you can judge your chances of winning from the way they play a particular hand. If you feel there is a possibility of being raised on a call, you must make sure that your hand is strong enough to brave this eventuality.

Effective Omaha strategy means a good grasp of wrap hands. Wrap cards show the necessity of creating double suited hands rather than single suited ones which are worth the same. Unsuited hands are avoidable when a wrap hand situation arises. Practising the game a lot can hone your Omaha skills. It is a good idea to start by playing in the free practice mode available at many online casinos.