One-on-One Poker Game Strategy- Strategy for One-on-One Poker

One-on-one poker is also known as heads up poker and can be played with a number of types of poker, usually by experienced player.

Poker players who are looking for something that promises loads of excitement and top poker action are sure to find it in one-on-on or heads-up games. These games move quickly and are meant for highly self-confident players with great talent, skill, and knowledge of strategy. One-on-ones can be played with poker variants such as Texas Hold’em, Omaha Hi-Lo, Omaha Hi, Seven-card Stud, and Five-card Stud; and almost all online poker rooms offer them. One-on-ones are an effective way to learn the rudiments of poker. Besides, they are great fun when played with friends or one’s favorite poker pro.

The rules of a one-on-one game are similar to that of the poker variant whose one-on-one it is. However, there are some slight modifications. The major objective of a one-on-one player is to win the jackpot by first creating the best poker hand.

In case of one-on-ones, the betting rounds are unlimited; players can have as many betting rounds as they like provided they play within their means. The online poker room fixes the buy-in. The reversal of blinds in case of one-on-ones enables dealers to make the first move.

Poker pros would agree that the best style of play for one-on-ones is the aggressive. However, being too aggressive spoils the spirit of the game. What can a player do if his/her opponent is too aggressive? The best option in this case is to fold all the bad hands. This move usually frustrates aggressive opponents. By all means, bet on the good hands; but fold the bad ones and save those chips. Besides, players must choose their all-ins with great care and only when they are holding good hands comprising aces, kings, and pocket pairs.

Advanced techniques such as bluffing and raising can be used in desperate situations; however, avoid carrying bluffing to the extreme. These moves usually hold back aggressive opponents. Since heads-up games are fast paced, opponents find it very difficult to study each other’s styles. A smart one-on-one player, therefore, changes his/her style of play and tactics often to confuse his/her opponent.

Position must be taken advantage of to the fullest. Stealing blinds when they are high enables players to raise high and prevent their opponents from calling. Players should avoid playing too many hands when they are out of position. Smart one-on-one players play from the dealer button, giving themselves the opportunity to see what their opponents are up to before making crucial decisions.

Bankroll management is of great importance, especially when taking into consideration the fact that betting rounds are unlimited in heads-up games. Players must make it a point to play within limits. This helps them to concentrate on the game instead of worrying about their financial situation all the time.

Players cannot play a successful heads-up game if they don’t focus. They should, therefore, avoid surfing, chatting, or any other activity while playing a one-on-one poker match. Simultaneously, they must remain calm in the face of bad breaks, and above all, avoid playing when intoxicated, weary, or ill.