Razz Poker Strategy - Strategy for Razz Poker

Razz poker is a game in which the lowest poker hand wins and therefore demands its own fun yet unique strategy.

In the recent years, Razz poker has been taking the world by storm. Beginners and professionals alike are very fond of playing this new version of the game, and because of this, many poker rooms both online and brick-and-mortar are offering this game. It is therefore important to build a solid strategy to tackle the game and emerge successful. Razz or 7-Card Low is a kind of poker which is partly like lowball and partly like 7-card stud. In this form of the game, the lowest hand wins. The player holding the lowest hand made from 5 out of the seven cards will be the eventual winner. As a result, strong poker hands like Flushes and Straights have no value in this exciting and fun game.

During the beginning of the game, all players post an ante that does not count towards the later rounds of betting. After this, the game has five rounds of betting. The final three rounds of Razz poker feature a high limit bet in order to raise the amount and the first two rounds equal the low table limit. Once the final round of betting ends, the winner is chosen. The strongest possible hand in Razz Poker is the Wheel, or A-2-3-4-5.

The most important strategy in Razz Poker is choosing the right table to sit at, this is probably as important as choosing your starting hand properly. The fact that Razz is still a new game, with not many poker rooms offering it to players, there are a limited number of tables from which to choose from, and finding the right table can prove to be a bit of a challenge. However, if you do choose the right table, it is important to choose one with the easiest or softest competitors so that you can reap the maximum profits from your game of Razz. The best way to choose a table at which to play Razz is to look at each table and check the average percentage of players who see the fourth street. If this average is more than 35%, that means the players hand selections are not right, and sitting at this table with the right Razz strategy could give you a huge advantage.

Another important thing to remember while playing Razz is that you need to pay attention to the table. It is doubly critical in Razz poker, because the number of players is very low, and there is a high chance of bumping into the same people at the same poker rooms. Once you play a similar set of people every time, you will be able to pick up on some of the players’ behavioral patterns, as well as develop a way to predict their moves. Taking notes on the players’ different styles could go a long way to ensure that you have an advantage over the players, especially players that play at your blind levels, because these are the people that you are most likely to face again next time. At the same time, it is important to adjust your game so that you are not overly predictable to the opposition. It is important to develop a number of strategies while playing Razz Poker so that you can switch from one to another seamlessly.