Caribbean Stud Poker Strategy - Strategy for Caribbean Stud Poker

Caribbean Stud Poker is a very popular form of the game. Learn the rules to join in the fun of Caribbean Stud Poker.

Online casino players love playing Caribbean Stud Poker. Some do better than others, and while there is an element of luck, there are some poker strategies which can be effectively applied in this game. If you are learning how to play Caribbean Stud Poker, it’s a good idea to clearly understand the basics of the game as well as learn useful strategies. You will find the tips here very useful in this regard, because the right decisions play an important role in winning this game.

Caribbean Stud Poker is derived from Five Card Stud Poker but the game is dealt on a table that looks like the ones used in Blackjack games. There is room for seven players at a Caribbean Stud Poker game, but they do not compete against each other; it is the dealer they have to beat. What makes Caribbean Stud Poker unique among casino games is that it features a progressive jackpot.

It is not hard to learn the fundamentals of Caribbean Stud Poker. The equipment used here includes regular playing cards, poker chips and the table itself. The basic objective of Caribbean Stud Poker is to have a better hand than your opponent, the dealer. You both get five cards each at the beginning of the game, and since there are no draws in this game, you play with what you are dealt. One of the dealer’s cards will be visible to you at the outset, and if your hand ranks higher, you win. Hand rankings are just like those in traditional poker.

There are three kinds of bets made in the game – the side bet, which is made before the hand is dealt and gives you a chance to win a progressive jackpot, the ante bet, a compulsory wager made before the game begins, and the bet, which is made after you decide not to fold. The bet is twice the value of the ante bet.

This may seem obvious, but remember to fold if you have an unappealing hand. This makes particular sense in this game, where a poor hand can win only if the dealer’s hand is equally poor. Even then you only get your money back and nothing more, so you might as well fold. However, never fold if you have at least a pair of twos. Even small pairs could win you rewards.

One aspect to remember is that when you are playing the progressive is that you could be a winner regardless of whether the dealer qualifies or not. Many believe that one should go in for the progressive only when it is hefty enough to be worth it. Others however are sure that it makes sense to go in for progressives habitually, since it doesn’t cost much, and the winnings here could be very rewarding. This is a call you will have to take.

Another strategy to bear in mind when you are playing Caribbean Stud Poker is when you have an Ace King - fold unless you have a card that matches the value of the dealer’s single exposed card.

Usually, the house edge in this game is approximately 5.2%, so the chances of making large amounts of money are less than in other casino games. Most Caribbean Stud Poker aficionados enjoy the game for the fun it offers, rather than its potential for huge winnings.