Poker Bonuses - Pros and Cons of Poker Bonuses

A poker player is offered many bonuses when entering a poker room. A poker player should know what the pros and cons of these poker bonuses are.

What one should know about the pros and cons of top poker bonuses offered through online poker gaming

While something like a bonus (from its sound as well) may initially seem completely enticing and exciting, as the saying goes, “there’s no such thing as a free lunch.” There are of course advantages and disadvantages to poker bonuses, like with most things in life and one must be very aware of what these are before getting too excited and signing up. In other words, “read the fine print.” Don’t just think, oh wow, there’s a huge amount of money being offered at that casino; what an awesome bonus, I must go for it immediately. Check it out for sure; don’t just move on past it, but check it out with very careful eyes.

A small warning about poker bonuses

Just a small warning before you begin as well. Understand that because poker sites realize how excited their players are when they start gambling, they tend to use that – usually with your judgment clouded – to suck you in. So be aware that they are in a better position than you are. So put your non-poker head on and start reading carefully. In addition, these bonuses are so frequently dotted around the poker casinos that you should always find something to appeal so don’t worry too much about missing out. And that’s the other thing: you can’t just ignore them…poker bonuses are everywhere!

Some advantages of poker bonuses

First, is the obvious benefit of a poker bonus: money, money money! There is a lot of money involved in poker bonuses, and it is that, which is so appealing to poker players. The poker bonuses are basically money for free. For example, most of these poker sites offer a huge deposit sign up bonuses so that all you are required to do is play…which you’re probably going to do anyway. This is always beneficial for those who don’t want to spend so much money; bonuses will enable you to check out the poker room without putting up so much money as all you have to do is play the hands necessary to get the bonus and if you thereafter feel you’ve not had a good time and want to stop, you can do that. You just take your money and move on! As well, just because you may take a bonus from one poker game, doesn’t mean you’re prevented from receiving one in another.

Some disadvantages of poker bonuses

It’s not just a free ride. As with everything, there comes a price. While some of the bonuses really are just money for nothing (or for play, referring a friend, etc.), some of them have requirements from you. You may just get credits rather than actual cash. Or you may only be able to retrieve your cash after you have put in a certain amount of games, etc. As well, it takes time to get a bonus. A lot of the bonuses are based on how long you spend playing – perhaps you just don’t have that much time to play. Further, you may get over-excited by the bonuses and might have a tendency to go over your budget. So remember, while poker bonuses can be very exciting, be careful, keep a clear head and read the fine print.