Cashing out in Online Poker - When to Cash out Poker Money

It is important to know when to cash out your poker money to stay ahead of the poker game.

Introduction for new gamblers

Like anything in life, when you first start to gamble, it is important to take the beginners guide to gambling. One of the points in this so-called constitution on gambling is cashing out and when to do it. Because no matter how good you may be at your particular gambling game of choice, if you mess up on the semantics and logistics, then you probably won’t come home with all that much money.

Understanding about cashing out and how it impacts the gambler

Cashing out, is one such aspect with which you might want to become familiar. It is important to time this action very well. For example, while you do want to cash out often, you still have to be careful about what the term “often” will mean to you. You should for sure try and have a set amount of money that you want to win before you cash out, but you also don’t need to always be quite so rigid with your cashing out as well. However, there needs to be some base line structure, or else you could end up losing it all. So be careful. Be calculated. But of course, throughout all of this, try and have fun too.

An example of someone who is cashing out well

So what would be a typical example of someone who is cashing out well? Well, you would say to yourself that you’re going to cash out when you reach between $400-$500. Let’s say you’re playing a game of Texas Hold’em, having won some 3 card poker games but lost a game of Omaha Hi-Lo. So you’ve already made $350, and then you do really well in your game of Texas Hold’em and your wins escalate to $700. At that point you would cash out. You wouldn’t get sucked in to continue playing because “well, I’ve done so well up until now; I could do even better if I continued; who knows, maybe I could increase my winnings to $1,000?” If you cashed out after that Texas Hold’em game, then you’d be a good example to follow of someone who knows when to cash out.

An example of someone who is not cashing out well

So what about someone who doesn’t know when to cash out? What would their poker game playing look like? So they say to themselves, well, money is a bit tight right now, I know the odds, and I’m just going to budget my game playing for $100. They start playing and they’ve already lost $80 after two different poker games. The next game they’re going to play would take them to exactly $100. When they lose that they say, “oh but the cards came out really unlucky for me” or “the other players were so good I had no chance….just one more game.” That person is not sticking to his/her budget and is not following the cashing out rules.