High Roller Poker Money Tips - Poker Tips for High Rollers

High roller poker players have their own level of money management and need special money tips for their poker play.

What is a high roller?

A high roller is a gambler who gambles big amounts of money. A high roller poker player can also be known as a whale (in casino language). But basically it’s someone who just keeps putting out the monies when gambling. But while regular gamblers might not think too much of these high rollers, they are often very adored, respected and rewarded by the casinos in which they play. Because usually the personality of a high roller is one who likes to be in the limelight and getting the attention, when the casinos offer them huge perks that stick them in the limelight even more, they are very flattered and are lured on to a new game. As well, sometimes they just play poker with other high rollers as they end up playing at tables with extremely high table limits. Most regular gamblers can’t afford (or don’t want to put that kind of money down) so they end up competing against their kind – and it becomes a case of whale eat whale!

What high rollers look like at poker rooms

So you shouldn’t hold your breath in the hope of finding a high roller. At a real, live, bricks and mortar casino, the high rollers comprise only a very tiny part of casino gamblers. But what the biggest surprise about these high rollers probably is, is that they are not the wealthiest individuals at the poker rooms….in fact, it’s usually the opposite. They’re usually the ones with the least amount of money and come from the lower classes. In other words, they’re not totally smart with money. Hence they just keep putting out those high wagers. But according to some sources there are one or two wealthy high rollers floating around. It’s just not the norm as one might more logically expect.

Being a top high roller

Being a top poker player and a high roller comes with some responsibility. Not all players are considered high rollers and it’s only once your poker bank roll has reached a certain amount that you are eligible for the high roller poker bonuses. Only deposit the required amount to get the high roller bonus if you can afford to. Don’t define yourself as a high roller for the purpose of the bonus unless you feel you can really afford to part with all the money if it happens that way. It is especially important to play slow and not rush and put all your money on the first big game when you first join the high roller circles, because you will be easily picked out by the experienced high rollers and they will zone in on you. Keep your head about you, don’t get washed away with the excitement and play good solid poker to get ahead at the poker tables.