Playing Free Poker - How to Play Free Poker Online

Many new online poker players find playing free poker games are a great way to learn the rules of a poker game and how to navigate an online poker room.

Why people play free poker

There are many reasons that people choose to play free poker. First, perhaps they don’t have much money, or they simply don’t currently have it in their budget to play poker for money. Second, they are just playing for fun. Third, they just want to learn or practice the game before they move on to playing poker for money. Fourth, they want to try out different poker games, at different sites with varying softwares etc., to see which games most appeal to them. Fifth, they have found a lot of fun games through free poker games. In fact, if you think about it, at least at some time or another, there is no reason not to try playing poker for free.

Sometimes there is money involved in free poker games

Perhaps somewhat surprisingly, sometimes there is actually money involved in free poker games. What does this mean? Well, prizes are awarded to the winners who are playing these poker games, and the players are not even requested to spend any money! Why do the poker sites do this? It is usually to encourage players to choose their sites and then, after a while, hopefully start playing the games for free. But sometimes it is just as a nice freebie. So why not take them up on their kind offer and start playing poker for free?

Gain confidence playing poker for free

Playing poker for free online is a really great way for all players to gain confidence. If you think you’re pretty good at Texas Hold’em, but haven’t played the game for years, then it’s a good idea to check it out properly by having a few practice games before you start gambling away. There will always be time to put your money down later. But at least initially, just play at the sites that let you play for free. See if this really is the poker game for you too. And if you find it’s just not clicking for you, then move on Omaha Hi-Lo, 3 Card Poker, or any other of the dozens of poker variants available.

What else you can gain from free poker online

Players who like playing poker but haven’t played much of the online versions are probably not familiar with how these two differ. Truth is, at a really top online poker site, there shouldn’t be so much difference between online poker and real poker. But that is why it is good to test out the online versions for free before playing them for real money. See if the software does it for you – do you feel like you are playing poker online, or do you get the sense that you are at a real, bricks and mortar casino? If it is the former, then this site is not for you and it’s time to move on. Check out other sites (for free) to see which one is right for you.