Using Those Poker Bonuses - How to Use Poker Bonuses

Poker bonuses are a way that poker rooms say thank you to poker players for opening a poker account, returning to their poker room or making a big deposit.

What players should be aware of with poker bonuses

There are many different poker bonuses available today through online poker gaming sites. It is important for each player to check out what bonuses are most appealing to them and then find them at a site before signing up. Most sites offer very attractive sign up bonuses to entice players to join up but with this, be aware of two things: a) some sites offer more, some less; b) don’t just get sidelined by a high sign up bonus if you don’t think this would be the poker site on which you wish to play your games. In other words, make sure you check out the games first as well as the other prizes, including other bonuses and jackpots.

Some of the poker bonuses available

An important note for poker players: the different bonuses often change. Sometimes there is a birthday bonus for example (so you won’t get that every day); other times there is a special weekday bonus, or you get a bonus for inviting a friend. So it’s important to keep checking back as they really do change the whole time. And don’t get too excited by the bonuses; you want to see what the regular payouts are vis-à-vis the bonuses/jackpots and vis-à-vis other sites to see if it is worth choosing one site over another just because of the bonuses they are offering.

What players should look out for when using a poker bonus

While of course it is always extremely exciting to see huge $ figures in lights on a poker site, promising all sorts of easy to attain bonuses, players should be aware of a few things before signing up. Check into the reputability of the poker site. How long has it been functioning for? Are there customer testimonials available which have satisfied customers who have managed to acquiesce their bonuses immediately? What specific games are offering bonuses? (it’s not all of the games, all of the time) and when? Would you, in particular, be eligible for these bonuses (remember that often times poker sites tend to favor those in their VIP club and only give them the bonuses, or at least, that is the case with some of their bonuses).

Sticky versus non-sticky bonuses

You probably want to try and get the non-sticky bonuses. A sticky bonus is usually one you want to avoid since the terms and conditions state that the bonus is “for wagering only.” In other words, sticky bonuses can’t be withdrawn. They are the non-cashable ones. They can be wagered but not cashed. Doesn’t sound like too much fun! But don’t be too fooled. There are benefits in terms of what a player has access to do, financially. Let’s say a player deposits $300, receives a $300 (100%) match and then makes 50% gambling, then decides to cash out. In this case the player has earned $300 on their initial $300 deposit, for a 100% gain so the “sticky bonus” has actually doubled what they’ve gained. Non-sticky bonuses however, are bets that can always be cashed out. They’re just a bit less complicated.