Poker Chat Rooms - Making Poker Social

Poker chat rooms are a great place to make friends and socialize while playing poker and learning poker strategy. Poker chatting makes poker a social experience!

Finding a Poker Chat Room

Almost every online poker room allows you to chat while you play poker. Not all poker chats are created equal, though. Some online poker chat rooms strictly limit what you can and can't say. Some poker sites allow you to talk more freely, but for some reason attract a less chatty crowd. If you want to chat with other poker players, you might have to look around for a poker room that attracts more chatting. You might find that different games and different limits attract more or less chatting. You might also find that once you've found a room with a lot of chatting, no one seems to be chatting with you. Patience is the only way to change that situation. Wait for a conversation about something you enjoy, and then join in. People will eventually talk to you.

Poker Chat Room Rules

Each online poker site has a slightly different set of rules and a different means for enforcing the rules. Some sites simply block you from sending any message that contains a flagged word. For example, if you use the word 'hell,' your message simply won't be sent through. The software doesn't know the difference between you having accidentally left the 'o' off of 'hello' and your telling someone to go to hell. You may find that words that seem perfectly innocent to you are flagged as bad words by the software, and often you can't put websites into the chat. The reason you can't put websites into the chat is because the poker sites are worried about competitors trying to steal players. It's fine to tell people about your personal blog, but advertising other poker sites in a poker chat might get you kicked out of the site altogether.

Why Chat in a Poker Room?

Some people don't see any need to chat in a poker room, and if it doesn't appeal to you, you don't have to chat. If you choose to ignore the chat and not respond to other players, it won't affect your game much, but if you do chat, you might find it fun. It'll make you feel more like you're playing a real game with real people instead of just playing against some computer-generated poker machine. If you're trying out a new site, it's a good idea to make sure that at least some of the players chat, so that you know that you're not playing against site bots. While it's unlikely that you'd find site bots on any reputable, licensed poker site, the possibility exists, and you should make sure to protect yourself against that possibility.

What Not to Say in a Poker Chat

You shouldn't give personal information about yourself in a poker chat. That is, you shouldn't give your home address, phone number, or any financial information. Never give your site password out on a chat. If someone claims to be from the site management, ask them to contact you by email. No poker site will ask you for personal information in the poker room chat!