Myths About Poker - Learn the Truth About Cards

There are many myths about poker. Only players who know the truth about poker can play well and win big. Check your facts right here before you bet, raise, or fold.

Myth #1: You can't play poker unless you have a 'poker face'

Fact: You don't need a poker face to play online poker at all. Even in regular poker, bluffing is done by making bets, not by what you say or how your face looks. If you want to play poker, but you're worried that everything you think will be reflected on your face, then stay behind the relative anonymity of online poker. You'll be able to bluff without anyone seeing how you look. Remember, bluffing is raising when you don't have a hand that's likely to win. It has nothing to do with lying to your opponents.

Myth #2: Poker is all controlled by the mob

Fact: Poker sites and competitions are operated by a wide variety of different organizations including many different businesses around the world. While some of those involved in poker are shady people, most of the people who own poker sites are simply normal businessmen. Those involved with the WSOP, for example, are simply poker enthusiasts who want to make poker a more mainstream game for everyone to enjoy.

Myth #3: Pocket Aces is the best hand and will always win

Fact: The best hand is, in fact, suited AK, as it has more winning possibilities. Pocket aces are great if there's nothing out on the board, but if there's a pair on the board, you have to consider the possibility that someone holds three-of-a-kind, and that will beat your pocket pair. Don't get too excited about the pocket suited AK, because it can still be beaten by a lot of hands. It's just a good deal if there's an ace or king out on the board. Hit AK on the flop, and you've got two high pairs, unlikely to be beaten. Plus, you've got a reasonable chance of hitting a flush, a chance of hitting a straight. Just remember that if you have a suited AK and the flop is 3, 5, 6, you should probably get out of dodge and let someone else try that straight.

Myth #4 If you've lost ten times in a row, you're “due” for a win.

Fact: The cards don't remember what they did last time. The cards don't care who you are. You'll continue to get cards that are completely random as long as the dealer is shuffling well or the site has a legitimate random number generator. Each hand is completely separate from the last and the one before it. The belief that previous hands can somehow affect future hands is so common among gamblers that it is often referred to as the gambler's fallacy. Don't fall into the trap. If you need a longshot card at the turn or river, don't assume that because you didn't get it last time, you'll get it this time. Assume that the chances of getting any one card is always 1/52, and don't ignore the possibility that your card is in someone's pocket cards.