Making Friends Via Poker - Poker Pals

Poker chat is a great way to meet new people and have lots of fun at the same time. Best of all, you know they're interested in poker just like you!

Getting Into Poker Chat

If you've never chatted before, it can be a bit intimidating to start chatting in a poker room. The important thing is to be natural and not to be overeager. It's also important to remember that a poker chat is not a dating chat room. Many of the people on a poker chat are married, and not all of them are there for social reasons. Many of them are just looking to play some poker and make some money. If you start trying to find out personal information about people you've just met online, they will be suspicious and think you're weird. It's better to be casual to begin with. Wish people good luck. Congratulate people on their wins. Remember that being a sore loser will not make you friends. Being a gracious winner is also important. If people congratulate you, you should thank them.

Making Poker Chat Friends

If you want to make friends in poker rooms by chatting, you'll need to pick just one or two rooms and keep going back to them so you'll talk to the same people many times. Many people won't be interested in talking to you the first several times they see your name in the chat. As your name becomes familiar, though, they'll be more likely to chat with you and to be more friendly. It's much like if you go to a party where people are only perfunctorily introduced. You might not talk to someone at the party, but if you go to a party at the same place the next week and see them there, you might be more comfortable reminding them that you've already met.

Poker Chat Topics

It's usually not a great idea to talk about the game too much. Instead you should talk about things that are likely to interest everyone playing. For example, news items. Try not to take too strong a stance on politically-charged issues, as you may end up making enemies. Be sure to give people who disagree with you the chance to voice their opinions. Disagreeing is fine, but be respectful. Talking about general poker topics like the most recent WSOP or the upcoming one, is a great idea. Talking about bonuses and tournaments on the site you're on is a good idea. Other people in the chat may be able to help you make more money. In short, talk about whatever is likely to interest the people in the poker room.

Poker Chat Etiquette

Some things are never acceptable when you're chatting in a poker room. You should never use foul language. You should never make fun of other players. You should not promote other websites on a poker room chat. If you try to promote other gambling or poker sites, you will probably be kicked out by the poker room operator. You shouldn't ask other players for personal information. Poker rooms guarantee a certain degree of anonymity. You might be willing to share what city you live in, but if someone else doesn't want to share that information, respect their wishes.