What are Freeroll Tournaments - Free Money with Poker Freerolls

Poker sites often offer freeroll tournaments to help players get into tournament play at no risk. Tournaments are a great way to enjoy online poker.

What is a Freeroll Tournament?

A freeroll tournament is a tournament that has no monetary entry fee. Many websites offer freerolls where the buy-in is bonus points or comp points. Some online poker rooms offer freerolls as a reward for a certain amount of play. Other poker sites will offer freerolls daily for all of their paying members. Some sites will even allow any registered player to play for free and win real money without ever making a deposit. Since there's no risk in a freeroll, you should play every freeroll tournament that you can!

How Do I Enter a Freeroll Tournament?

Usually, entering a freeroll tournament is simple. You'll need to be a registered player at the poker room. Some sites will allow you to play in a freeroll without making a deposit, but most online poker sites will only allow you to enjoy their tournaments once you've deposited funds in the account. To enter a freeroll, you'll need to find the tournament listings in the poker software. Then you'll need to find the tournament you wish to enter and follow the instructions to register for that particular tournament. If the tournament requires comp points or bonus points, you may not be able to enter without the required amount of points. Once you've entered the tournament, you'll need to keep an eye on your watch so that you don't miss the beginning of the tournament.

How Do I Play a Freeroll?

Freeroll play is very much like regular poker play. The important thing to remember is that you are playing for table stakes. That means that you need to be careful not to spend all of your cash unless you are certain that you have the winning hand. Usually freerolls and other tournaments are played as no-limit rather than as fixed limit games, so it's easy to bet too much and end up going all-in for a hand that may not win. If that happens, you will be eliminated from the tournament. If you manage to hold on to your place at the table while the other players are eliminated, you'll be moved to a new table with new opponents who have won at their tables as well. You'll need to keep playing until all the other players have been eliminated. If you manage to do this, you will be the tournament winner.

How Do I Win a Freeroll?

Winning a freeroll poker tournament is often quite difficult, as every player eligible to play will try to play at a freeroll. You'll need to hold on to your money carefully and outwit other players through round after round of play. If you're one of the last ones left in the tournament, you will probably win a prize. The top player wins the biggest prize, but the two runners-up often get a prize as well.