All Africa Poker Tournament - Africa's Answer to the WSOP

Americans have the WSOP, Europeans the WSOPE, Africans have the All Africa Poker Tournament. Quite simply, at this tournament, the best poker player wins

What the All Africa Poker Tournament Has Bought to Africans

For years, it has always been talk of the WSOP, WSOPE and WPT. But if you’re a good poker player, it shouldn’t matter where you live. And thanks to the All Africa Poker Tournament, Vegas doesn’t have to be the be all and end all when it comes to making a big name in the poker world. There is a slight difference though with this tournament. What happens at this tournament is that poker players have to battle it out through a particular style of poker. This is not common with the other big tournaments. It’s much more structured and there is a set time with a set amount of poker chips. There is a fixed buy-in too. Sometimes – depending on where the tournament is held – there is an additional fee from the venue. There are a lot of specific rules and regulations as to how the game should be played, including chips, etc., which seems typical for South African behavior – very proper and strict. It makes sense though – if you look at each of the big tournaments around the world, you will always find that culture never stays at the door. Likewise with the All Africa poker tournament.

How the Tournaments Work

Players move around a lot and are switched and this keeps the amount of players pretty even. There are shoot out tournaments however which uses a different format. The last player or two moves on to a second or third round, which is a bit like what happens at a single elimination tournament. Usually the game continues until all (except one) players are knocked out but in the less formal games players are given the option of finishing the game through a consensus. What is also different is that instead of the winner getting first place, the loser does! So if you come second, you’re actually coming second to last. This is very unusual for poker tournaments. This also means however that you cannot have two winners tying as only one player can have all the chips to end the tournament.

Prizes for the All Africa Poker Tournaments

The cash prizes are dependent on the buy ins. Sometimes outside funds are available, but it depends on the actual tournament itself. If there are no buy ins at a tournament (these will be tournaments whereby players are invited) then there has to be a sponsorship or maybe the gate receipts from spectators. These are known as the freeroll tournaments. In other words, payers can win big money for free, which is extremely rare in such big tournaments although it does happen.