Multi-table Tournaments - Low Stakes and Big Wins

If you want a low buy-in that can lead to big wins, multi-table tournaments are it. Read on for important information on multi-table poker tournaments.

What Are multi-table Tournaments?

Obviously multi-table tournaments are tournaments where there is more than one table, but the reason a tournament would be called a multi-table tournament is that there are more than eight players playing. Every eight players are divided into a separate table, and they play until some of the players are eliminated. Different tournaments have different rules, even at the same online poker room, so you'll need to check the specifics of how much of a table needs to be eliminated before joining another table. The most common method of play is that the players continue to play until there is only one player left at the table. Then eight players who are the last remaining players from their tables are put together and so on, until the final player left in the tournament is the winner.

Why Have multi-table Tournaments?

Both land-based and online poker rooms use multi-table tournaments in order to keep tournaments with a large number of players from going on too long. Imagine if you had sixty-four players and somehow they all had to play against each other. It would take a very long time and be quite impractical. If you start them all at tables of eight players, then you simply need to wait the length of time it takes for the best players to eliminate one table full of players. Then you have only eight players left, and the tournament can be finished quite quickly.

When Should I Play a multi-table Poker Tournament?

You should play a multi-table poker tournament anytime you want a chance at a big prize. Having a tournament with one hundred players means that the prize will be close to one hundred times your buy-in. If you're playing with a low budget, but you're a good player looking for big wins, you should definitely go for a multi-table tournament. It may be harder to win, but the prize is much better than the prize for a single table tournament. Remember, though, that you don't have to beat every other player to get to the top. You only have to beat all the other players at your tables.

When Should I Avoid multi-table Poker Tournaments?

You should avoid multi-table poker tournaments if you don't have enough time to play the tournament through to the end. A multi-table tournament can last an hour or more, depending upon the level of the competition, the number of chips each player is given, and the number of players. If you only have a few minutes, then you should go for a regular ring game rather than a tournament. The big advantage of a ring game in this case is that you can quit after any hand, and a hand generally takes less than five minutes. If you have enough time for a short tournament, then a sit-n-go will probably meet your needs better than a scheduled multi-table poker tournament.