Sit-n-go Tournament - Poker Tournaments for the Impatient

If you have time to play right now, sit-n-go tournaments are better than scheduled tournaments. The tournament starts as soon as you have enough players.

What is a Sit-n-go Tournament?

A sit-n-go tournament is a tournament which is not scheduled. Instead, the poker site opens the tournament, and as soon as the required number of players have entered it, the tournament begins. At any good online poker site, there are always sit-n-go tournaments ready to begin, so you can play tournament poker anytime.

The Advantages of Sit-n-go

The main advantage of a sit-n-go tournament is obvious. Namely, you don't have to register hours in advance and then be sure to come back to your computer at the right time. If you're playing at a poker site that has a reasonable amount of traffic, then you'll only have to wait a few minutes between registering for a sit-n-go tournament and playing the tournament. There are, however, a number of other advantages.

Fewer Players Means More Wins!

In order to avoid keeping players waiting, poker sites set up sit-n-go tournaments to accommodate a fairly small number of players. Since it would take a long time to get one hundred participants to sign up for a sit-n-go, you usually only need to play against five or seven other players in a sit-n-go poker tournament. Since one player is guaranteed to win, playing a sit-n-go gives you very good odds. Obviously, your skills in poker play a serious role here as well, but if the cards are on your side, you only need to knock out a few players to win.

Fewer Players Means a Shorter Game

If you don't have a lot of time to play online poker, but you want to get a feel for tournament play, a sit-n-go is a great place to get your experience. Since you won't have to graduate up to a higher table and another one and another one, you can finish a sit-n-go tournament much more quickly than a scheduled multi-table tournament. If you're looking to get into a large-scale tournament like the WSOP, don't worry. There are sit-n-go tournaments for those too. Just log in and play one to get your buy-in to a higher level satellite.

Why Not Just Play a Ring Game?

The reason that many players prefer a sit-n-go over a ring game is that your budget works differently. If you have a budget of only fifty dollars, then you can't afford to play no-limit hold'em in a ring game. If you want to play no-limit hold'em in a sit-n-go, though, you just need to find one with a buy-in under fifty dollars. You'll get your play money budget for the game, and then you can experience no-limit hold'em without losing your whole budget in a few minutes. The biggest advantage of a tournament is that you know exactly how much you stand to lose when you buy in, and you have a great chance of winning a lot more than that.