Depositing in Poker - Safe Poker Deposit Methods

Don’t compromise on poker deposit methods – check out the safest ones before you commit to your online poker games.

Introduction to Online Poker Deposit Methods

There are plenty of different options available to the online poker player today, for depositing their money safely when starting a game, or placing a wager. Since there are so many different methods (both on and off line, through gambling and non-gambling e-cards, etc.), it is important for each individual player to familiarize him/herself with all of them before deciding which one will work best for them.

US Players and How the Law Change Impacted Them Vis-à-vis Deposit Methods

Some of the more common online poker deposit methods that were traditionally used in the past, are no longer open to US players, such as Neteller and other electronic deposit methods. Some US players are even having their credit cards declined so it’s important for players to check carefully to see which ones they are eligible for.

Deposit Methods That Are Acceptable For US Players

It is pretty hard to pinpoint which is the best deposit method since each of them have their advantages and disadvantages. But what most players are looking for is safety while making the deposit. You want to look for good credit card processing too. eWalletXpress seems to be pretty popular (an electronic wallet, similar to PayPal and Neteller). Western Union has been used for many years for other purchases but some people don’t like it as it’s hard to track anything from it. Ecocard/QuickTender is often used as it’s a pre-paid debit card so you know exactly what you’ve spent ahead of time. UseMyWallet (run by the same company that runs QuickTender) is somewhere between eWallet and a bank account. For the more traditional amongst you, you can look for the few poker sites that accept American Express – everyone is comfortable with using Amex. Wire transfers are also used sometimes. There is a new type of ewallet called Pic-Club which treats deposits as buying shares – it is a good option for US players. Click2Pay seems to be quite popular, although it isn’t acceptable for US players. It’s very similar to Neteller, just another type of electronic wallet. ImmediateDeposit is a pre-paid phone card and just offers another option.

Common Deposit Methods Found Throughout Online Poker Rooms

Probably your best bet is to go with a company like Neteller because it seems to be universally accepted now that this is a safe method – so many poker players use it happily. Again, there’s a problem with this as US players aren’t eligible for it. Credit or debit cards can be used to deposit money into a Neteller account. MoneyBookers also seems to be quite popular (again not for US players). PayPal isn’t offered by too many poker rooms but is popular since it’s been well established for many years and is regularly used outside the online gambling sites.


US and non-US poker player alike should check into not only what is available, but what security methods are offered and how popular the deposit methods are amongst other clients. Read up on customer testimonials and make sure that people are basically satisfied with what they are using before you sign up.