Poker Personal Information Safety - Keeping Information Safe

Use highly reputable online poker rooms which keep all your personal information private.

Looking For Privacy Guarantees While Gambling Online

It’s very hard in life to get guarantees in everything. One of the biggest fears/complaints that people have had vis-à-vis online gambling is the privacy/security issue. Everyone is worried that their personal information won’t stay that way and cannot imagine how poker rooms could guard against such fraud and misuse of information. What players want therefore, is a firm commitment from the poker room that they are doing everything to ensure your safety and privacy and that they have top software to enable them to do this. In addition, you want to make sure the poker room actually makes this is a priority

Read What the Poker Room Says About its Commitment to Your Privacy

If the poker room doesn’t even have a section on privacy or security, you might want to steer clear of it. Poker rooms usually set off a section on their sites in which they discuss what they believe is important and if security isn’t on that list, it’s an issue. A poker room should be committed to you – the customer – so that you can sit back and enjoy play without having to worry about your personal information being exposed. A poker room should talk about its software, hardware, techniques, methods and processes through which it makes this important.

Check Out How the Poker Room Provides Top Security For Players

Read about what poker rooms’ privacy policy is. Try and get an explanation of how the site manages to store and collect all your information and then ask questions (or look at the FAQ’s on the page) and find out what your rights are, vis-à-vis that information. Most sites will request personal information such as name, address, password, email, etc., and will have to get it certified that you are above 18 years old. The reason the site needs all this personal information is to be able to confirm your financial transactions and also to give you information about what is going on at the site, news, etc.

Privacy Policy of Poker Rooms

Each poker player must comply and accept the privacy policy of the poker room at which they are playing. But it basically puts you – the player – a step ahead and gives you more security. It usually states that all poker room employees must keep player information confidential and even once the employee has left the company, they still have to keep this confidentiality agreement. But a player can also protect their information. They should be careful with their passwords and log out each time. They shouldn’t accept the “remember me” option on the computer but rather log in afresh each time, etc.

Cookies and Personal Information

Occasionally, poker rooms will send out (temporary) cookies to their players. This is just a text which is placed on the player’s computer cookie file so that the poker room can remember who they are when they visit the website. To do this, the poker room may utilize the data taken from cookies to compile statistical data on the player’s use of the site. Players should be aware that they are under no obligation at all to accept the cookies, and if they are, they probably should quit playing at that site.