Poker Security - Security Measures Used at Poker Rooms

Play at poker rooms that can convince you security is their number one priority.

Players Worrying About Security Measures at Online Poker Rooms

It is hard in the beginning, trying to put all your faith in your new online poker room that they will pay on time, that there will always be a Random Number Generator (RNG), that none of your personal information will be leaked to any third party and that all necessary security measures will be taken so that your protection is a top priority. Ask if any private data is ever transferred to other players; this is not a good thing if it is.

Check out Different Aspects of a Poker Room’s Security Measures

There are many different ways a poker room installs (or at least tries to install) security measures for its clients. First, there is the way the software is downloaded. The players must be able to download the software without it being modified in any way. To ensure this, poker rooms will often use a Thawte certificate and a Thawte server certificate to protect their HTTPS web server and download.

Look at Play Time Security at Your Poker Room

You might want to check out what features ensure the security of the game itself. For example, is there a RNG in place; how are the servers authenticated? How long is the CA certificate used, etc. There is a lot of technical jargon involved so you may not be able to understand it all but look out for top encryption methods and their longevity. You want short and medium term (which lasts for several years) to protect information. Sometimes a poker room will use a Triple-DES EDE3 which means that encryption is basically even safer.

Check Out the Priorities of the Poker Rooms Vis-à-vis their Security

It’s all about priorities and choices. If a poker room is trying to maintain a safe gaming environment then that’s a good thing. How do they deal with complaints a registered player would make about questionable collusions from other players, etc.? And what do they do with such players? If they take these matters seriously then you can rest assured they are taking security seriously too.

What Other Protection Can the Poker Room Offer for its Players?

Most big online poker rooms will offer the same kind of protection from hackers that banks do. This is impressive. What it means is that players’ credit card details and passwords are protected by a globally accredited encryption program. As well a player’s cards will only ever be sent directly to their computer; no one else will have access to them. Some poker rooms can even guarantee that there is no way another player can see their hole cards in real time. They may be stored, but they will never be stored in real time so at a later stage they can have their committee look over any suspicious or questionable activity. This means not even anyone working at the poker room who has a top position there; hole cards are only seen by the player, at the time of play.