Poker Collusion - How Poker Software Stops This

If you are apprehensive about playing poker games online due to the potential of collusion or hustling, here’s why there is no need.

What Is Collusion Vis-à-vis Online Games?

Collusion basically means cheating whereby two or more players signal their holdings on establish a cheating affiliation to try and knock out or weaken the other players at the table. It is a totally unacceptable thing to do and undermines the entire integrity of the game. In some ways it is easier for colluding type players to exchange information via online games than it is through real, live casinos. But on the other hand it is for sure harder to avoid being caught since each player’s cards can be examined as soon as the game has ended. But this issue has definitely concerned potential online players who are now looking for reassurances as to what casinos are going to do about it.

What Online Casinos Are Doing To Prevent Collusion/Hustling

Today online casinos are getting smart. Smarter than sophisticated players who are engaging in collusion. No matter how clever the hustlers are, they have to be able to play a hand that would not be played that way without such cheating. Online casinos have established detection methods which seek to catch out less than ordinary play patterns and immediately thereafter send a warning to the security personnel which will then investigate the matter thoroughly. So the methods used for prevention are via clever software which engages in early detection of such behavior. Should any player be found engaging in any kind of collusion, their account will be immediately and permanently closed, no questions asked, no discussion.

Security Measures Being Taken by Online Casinos in an Effort to Prevent Collusion

There are various security measures today that online casinos are putting in place to attack collusion like never before. These are usually made possible by the highly advanced software which is able to undertake random security checks as well as log-file reviews. Some software packages are able to automatically track betting patterns which relate to how strong a player’s hand is and thereafter compare that against their other actions at the same table to see if they may be working together.

What Else Can be Done to Help Tackle Collusion

There is a software that can work against collusion against copying in texts, which can be used for schooling but this wouldn’t really be beneficial for gambling. In terms of hustling, one can use software to detect various patterns but the problem with hustling is that the hustler will no doubt start off bad, only to do an about turn around and play really well. Truth is, this is pretty tough to detect at the bricks and mortar casino too so one’s best bet is to study the type of software used at an online casino, decide whether or not to trust it and then hope that the casino will take the necessary measures against collusion where possible.