Pineapple Poker - Tastier than Texas Hold'em

While pineapple poker is very similar to Texas Hold’em, it could be “spikier” since cards can be discarded after the second betting round.

Pineapple Poker, Texas Hold’em Poker and Omaha Poker

There are two types of pineapple poker: crazy pineapple and lazy pineapple (also known as Tahoe). In general, pineapple poker is very similar to the more famous and popular version of the game, Texas Hold’em and also Omaha; some say it is a cross-breed between the two games, or sits somewhere in the middle of them. It seems like pineapple poker is all the fun of Texas Hold’em without any of the limitations. It is often known as “crazy pineapple poker.” What the attraction to this game is, is that there are so many more options during play which make the game much more interesting. As well, while it is true that pineapple poker has been in Texas hold’em’s limelight for so long, the real true “pineapplers” know that if you practice at this game for long enough, you will ultimately master all hold’em games. So basically, apart from the third card being discarded, the game is pretty much a slight variation on Texas hold’em.

How Pineapple Poker Works

The game begins with all players being dealt three cards. The first difference between this and the other poker games that pineapple poker is said to be so akin to is the fact that at this point each player gets rid of one of these three cards. Thereafter the game goes the same way as Texas hold’em. Following the second betting round, one of the three cards must be discarded which is what happens in Texas hold’em

Variations in Pineapple Poker

There are two main types of pineapple poker. In crazy pineapple, players get rid of the third card dealt to them after the flop betting round (before having been dealt the fourth community card). In lazy pineapple however, in a showdown situation players don’t discard a third card but are anyway not allowed to use all three of them to try and make a winning hand (so it’s as if they’ve discarded the third card, but are, in effect, too lazy to do so). The three cards players are allowed to use are the two he or she has been dealt, along with three community cards. Traditionally, both crazy and lazy pineapple poker are played high-low split. There is a third, somewhat lesser known variation (but it’s not called pineapple poker but is still said to be in the same pineapple poker family) and this is known as super hold’em. In this game, players again don’t discard the third card but actually use all three cards to form their winning hand.