One on One - Get the Best Hand and Win!

As in all poker games, one on one poker is an easy game to play but a tough game to win. Still, the money involved can really make it worth your while.

The Big Difference with One on One Poker

Probably the main, biggest difference between one on one poker and all other types of poker is the fact that only two players will ever play this game. Hence the name, one on one poker. It is a poker game that is, literally, played one on one. The game is also referred to as heads up poker. What is important to note is that one on one poker isn’t actually a type of poker; one on one poker is basically any game of poker that is just played, well, one on one! One on one poker comes in the following variations: 5 card stud poker; Omaha, Texas Hold’em and 7 card stud poker.

Increase Your Chances of Winning One on One Poker

Since there are only two players involved in any variation of one on one poker, poker players are advised to try and assess their opponents and see where they are holding. In poker games where there are a whole slew of players, it is much harder to try and assess each one. The advantage of one on one poker games is that there is a possibility of checking out what is going on with your opponent and thus potentially increasing your own winning chances.

Playing One on One Poker

Whatever version of one on one poker one decides to play, it is important to learn the rules of the parent poker game first. For example, if you are playing one on one 3 card poker, make sure you have a proper grasp of 7 card stud poker first. You might even want to play the game on line for free, as practice, before placing monetary bets.

Rules of One on One Poker Versus Other Poker Variants

Of course, if you are playing 7 card stud one on one poker, you will first have to look at the rules to 7 card stud poker. Once you have understood these however, you should note the following differences: focus on the other player (since there are only two of you). Be careful of folding; try and avoid it as much as possible (since if you do, automatically the other player will win). Make sure you have taken note on the buy in limits as these could differ quite dramatically from one casino to another. In addition, one on one poker has no limits to how many betting rounds take place.

Winning One on One Poker

If you get the better poker hand in one on one poker, it is you who has won the game as well as the pot! Good luck!